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Our client, Mr. C, was wrongfully tried on charges of conspiracy to supply class B drugs, despite being arrested for a much lighter charge. Determined to ensure our client faced a fair trial, our lawyers immediately pointed out the abuse of court process to the judge, who recognised the prosecution’s wrongdoing. Thanks to their efforts, the judge dropped all charges, allowing our client to go home a free man.

Mr. C was pedalling towards home when he was stopped by police officers and searched for any prohibited items. He was found with a small bag of cannabis and was arrested for the offense of possession of a Class B drug. However, he was later charged with a more serious offence – of possession with intent to supply. Following the escalation, he immediately contacted us to represent him.  

Our criminal defence solicitors sprang to action to determine the justification of the change in the charges, of the lawfulness of the initial arrest, and to uncover the larger picture. After meticulously analysing the evidence submitted by the prosecution, working with forensic experts to go through our client’s mobile phone records, going through our client’s personal history and medical records, and speaking to our client’s friends and family members, our defence lawyers were able to paint a clear picture of the truth. The truth was that the prosecution was wrongfully inflating the evidence to prosecute our client for a much more serious offence – possession with intent to supply.  

During the trial, our defence lawyers tenaciously argued their case, highlighting the lack of evidence for this serious offence, and the prosecution’s abuse of court process. Faced with the presented facts, the judge accepted the prosecution’s erroneous decision and dropped all charges related to possession with intent to supply, effectively acquitting our client. 

An error in the prosecution, or even a wilful escalation of charges, such as accusing someone of “possession with intent to supply class B drugs” when unwarranted, can result in an unfair trial, an unjust conviction, and a much harsher sentence for an offence you did not commit. If you or someone you know is facing such a situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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