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Our client, Mr. X faced multiple charges of possessing with intent to supply class A drugs – a serious offence that could result in years in prison. After a lengthy investigation and successful representations, our defence team successfully proved that he was being threatened by those higher in the chain – and secured his innocence.

Mr. X found himself embroiled in a large-scale drug investigation after the police raided his home and arrested him, along with two others. Claiming that they have cell site evidence, the police charged him with multiple counts of possession with intent to supply, and with possession of criminal property, to the tune of around £5,000.  

Fearful for his future, he immediately contacted us to represent him in the face of charges including possession with intent to supply. Upon reaching out, our criminal defence solicitors sprang into action, determined to uncover the whole truth. Our solicitors began their investigation by meticulously analyzing all evidence submitted by the police and the prosecution, searching for any inconsistencies or biases against our client. Following this, our criminal defence solicitors conducted an in-depth investigation into our client’s cell phone, any CCTV footage that was taken outside of his address, witness statements from others who were arrested for this defense, and character statements from our client’s friends and family members to ascertain his character. Our drugs lawyers also worked closely with forensic experts to analyze the substances seized as evidence, and with doctors to examine our client and determine his mental health and fortitude. 

During the investigation, our drugs lawyers discovered that our client was forced into committing these offences, under threat of violence, and was in over his head. Multiple text messages, and CCTV evidence supported this, and medical reports showed that our client was suffering from intense stress because of this situation, and was afraid that there was no way out. As for the money seized, our solicitors proved that the money belonged to our client’s father, and was not the ill-gotten gains of criminal activity – ensuring that the money was returned to our client, and charges of possession of criminal property was dropped.  

During the trial, our drugs lawyers supplied overwhelming evidence that proved our client’s innocence – by showing that he had committed these offences under duress, and could not shoulder sole responsibility for the offences committed. After a lengthy trial, our defence solicitors were able to successfully convince the jury of our client’s good nature and of his lack of intent, securing a suspended sentence order, ensuring he avoids a prison sentence.  

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