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Our client, Mr. M, was falsely accused of breaching his order and for possession of indecent images of children on his electronic device. Thanks to a thorough investigation and detailed analysis of the evidence, our lawyers successfully proved his innocence, forcing the prosecution to drop all charges and acquit our client.

Mr. M was completing a hospital order when he found himself arrested and charged with 3 counts of possession of indecent images, and one count of breaching his existing order. Despite not knowing why he’s been charged or what the police have found, he immediately contacted us to represent him.  

As soon as our indecent images lawyers were notified, they sprang into action and immediately began analysing the case. Notably, our client was in the hospital, was constantly monitored by the staff, and was restricted from accessing any electronic device without prior supervision. Despite such stringent methods, the police and the prosecution believed that he was able to download indecent images onto his MP3 and MP4 players.  

Upon investigation, our defence lawyers discovered that our client had transferred files from another patient’s MP3 in its entirety – which meant that there were hundreds of files that he didn’t know were inside the player, and simply wanted to listen to the music files he intended to transfer. Speaking to other hospital staff and other patients, our criminal defence solicitors discovered that our client had no way to even try to do so, as the hospital was highly regulated, and wasn’t even capable of possession of indecent images. 

During the trial, our indecent images lawyers submitted the overwhelming evidence that pointed to our client’s simple error, the lack of police powers in determining that this was a mistake, and the witness statements from hospital staff that attested to his character. The prosecution were forced to bow their heads and offer no evidence, effectively acquitting our client and dropping all possession of indecent images and sexual assault charges.  

Being falsely accused can have serious consequences, especially with regards to cyber offences, as others can place files into your devices without you knowing. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re available 24/7, and we’re here to help defend your rights, protect your interests, and guarantee a fair trial. Call us today for a free no-obligation consultation. 


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