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After an arranged marriage turned sour, our client was charged with false allegations of two counts of assault against his wife.

Worldwide, over 50% marriages are arranged, and an estimated 20 million marriages are arranged each year.

In 2020, our client, Mr M, married the complainant, Ms A, in a consensual arranged marriage.

On July 23rd of 2021, an argument allegedly occurred between them over Ms A’s dishonesty and her phone. She alleged that Mr M attacked her that night. The next day, Ms A alleged that Mr M attacked her again. At this point Ms A left Mr M’s property that he shares with his family in Primrose Hill, North West London.

Mr M maintains that any actions on his part during these arguments were in self-defence as Ms A had a unpredictable and aggressive character.

The next day, a group of men allegedly sent by Ms A arrived in hoods and balaclavas to “collect” Ms A’s belongings. They acted intimidatingly and took photos of his property. At this point our client Mr M called 999 to report what was happening. This became a vital piece of defence evidence.

Ms A reported the allegations of assault by Mr M against her to the police. Police noted at this time that she was evasive to the question they had about the alleged domestic abuse.

Stuart Miller Solicitor’s Criminal Defence Trainee Solicitor Duygu Basiguzel began to prepare Mr M’s case once she received his instruction that he was not guilty of the two separate counts of assault against Ms A, his wife.

Duygu began to expertly collate the vital evidence needed to demonstrate Mr M’s innocence to the Crown Prosecution Service and Court.

This evidence demonstrated that the marriage broke down between Mr M and Ms A as a result of her continued dishonesty, from the beginning.

A few days before our client Mr M was scheduled to appear at trial. Through sustained gallant efforts by Duygu, vital defence evidence was obtained, including a vital character witness that demonstrated Ms A was not the victim of assault.

At trial in Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, Stuart Miller Solicitors Senior Solicitor Advocate Avnita Bhudia admitted a phone recording of the victim to the court. In the voice note to Mr M, Ms A stated that she would not continue with the case and that she did not get assaulted.

Mr M was found not guilty of both counts at trial and the matter was dismissed by the Crown and Court.


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