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Family man and well-loved community member Mr M charged with indecent images offences avoids a prison sentence.

From the year 2018 to 19 the Metropolitan police recorded 2,310 indecent images of children. Millions of indecent images of children are uploaded to the net, every day.

In 2019, 905 indecent images offences were recorded by the Met. 695 arrests were made.

Our client, Mr M, was charged with downloading indecent image offences.

Our client received a charge for three counts of the offence of taking, permitting to be taken, making, distributing, or publishing indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs of children.

Our client was accused of downloading images of children. He was arrested in 2020 on his way to work where police pulled him over and arrested him under suspicion of possession of indecent images.

When Mr M was arrested, our client’s iPhone was seized and confiscated. He was then taken to Nuneaton police station for formal charges.

Police then proceeded to our client’s home and conducted a section 18 PACE search. To find out more about the investigation process carried out by police when you are under investigation for downloading indecent images of children, read our guide.

A number of devices were also seized here including iPads, three portable hard drives, a computer tower, a USB and a SDD card. In addition, there was the finding of multiple search terms that added to our client’s culpability.

Evidence of indecent images of children was found to be present on all the seized items.

Kate Blackmore of Stuart Miller Solicitors was instructed to represent our client Mr M as he was released on bail and scheduled to appear at Magistrates Court for three charges of possession of indecent images of children.

Mr M pled guilty to the charges against him and faced a custodial sentence in prison of from 6 months upwards to 36 months. To find out more about the possible custodial sentences for those charged with the offence of downloading indecent images read our handy article here.

Kate Blackmore, our team’s stand out sexual offences defence lawyer made expert representations of our client’s behalf. These representations expressed the mitigating circumstances of his case and demonstrated the good character of Mr M.

Using character references, evidence of Mr M’s sound character, and therapy to assist him in understanding the nature of his offences and stopping offending in the future, Kate Blackmore and Adam Squibbs created a steadfast mitigation package.


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