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Thanks to the efforts of the criminal defence solicitors, the client was able to have all charges dropped, including the charge of possession of an extreme pornographic image, and of making indecent images in categories A, B, and C.

Case Overview:  

In 2017 Mr. P, was arrested and charged with possession of indecent images of children on his electronic devices, which were confiscated by the police for examination. In his initial interview, Mr. P argued that he received an indecent video from a contact in Ghana, which he immediately deleted, forgetting that Google Photos automatically uploaded the photo onto his account. Further evidence found on his laptop led to questions about his browsing history, but Mr. P argued that while he searched for adult pornography, he never searched for child pornography, and his laptop had been accessible to others at times, including being repaired for a virus in 2012-2013. 

Our Defence Team’s Efforts:  

Once Mr. P contacted us for our services, our experienced defence team, with over 40 years of combined experience in this field, immediately started gathering evidence for the case. Before the trial, the team worked tirelessly, and meticulously gathered data and evidence from all sources to build the case and verify the client’s claims. This included talking to friends and family to ascertain the client’s character, collect witness statements, and work with computer experts to determine the client’s claims of deleting the photos, and not accessing websites to download child pornography.  

Our legal team also relentlessly and doggedly pursued the prosecution for evidence, determined to analyse the evidence for any inconsistencies, liabilities, or biases. Furthermore, the team chased down the prosecution for any unused material, which included evidence that the prosecution felt was not relevant to the case. This was done to cover all bases, go through all the evidence, and build a watertight defence.  

During the trial, the defence team as able to prove that Mr. P had no intention of possessing or viewing indecent images of children. They were able to provide evidence that the video he received was sent by mistake and was deleted immediately. They also demonstrated that other people had access to his laptop and it had been sent for repair, which could have resulted in the indecent images appearing on his device. 

By proving his good character by obtaining character witnesses from friends and colleagues at work, where he worked as a member of the British Transport Police, the team was able to unequivocally prove that he was a member of good standing, and had no prior history or involvement in such an offence. By gathering expert testimony and witness statements, the defence team was able to categorically prove our client’s innocence, and have all charges be dropped. By the end of the trial, Mr. P was acquitted and was able to go home a free man.  

How We Can Help You: 

The risk of dealing with indecent images is ever-present, either because of viruses, scammy websites, or even when someone else carelessly uses your devices. Something as simple as clicking an email could result in a virus downloading indecent images into your computer, and can lead to charges of possessing indecent images. If you’ve been falsely accused of such an offence, don’t hesitate to contact us now. It’s vital to seek professional indecent images solicitors to prove your innocence, for such a serious offence.  

We offer free no-obligation consultations, and will be able to work with you regardless of your financial status. As we are extremely well-trained with Legal Aid, we will be able to apply for Legal Aid on your behalf, and guarantee your right to a fair trial. If you need help, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re available 24/7 to provide assistance.  


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