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After being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, our defence lawyers successfully proved that the allegations were false, as our client was seated in a parked car at the time of the arrest, and was not actually driving.

Mr. D, along with his friend, was arrested for driving under the influence by two police officers. This occurred while Mr. D was parked on the side of the road, but the police officers saw the passenger pass something to him. Upon approaching the car, the officers noted alcohol bottles in the car and conducted a breathalyser test, which they failed, and were promptly arrested.  

Our defence team went into overdrive, and tirelessly sought out any and every piece of evidence related to the case, from police and prosecution interviews to body worn camera footage. Our defence lawyers meticulously combed through every detail, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for the truth. What our defence lawyers discovered was that our client was sitting in a parked car, not driving, when they were wrongfully accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. Despite admitting to drinking, they vehemently denied the DUI charges, which our defence lawyers proved through an exceedingly thorough investigation.  

Before the trial, our defence lawyers submitted the overwhelming evidence that pointed to our client’s innocence, including the body worn camera footage, to the prosecution. Faced with objective, factual evidence that pointed to our client’s innocence, the prosecution was forced to withdraw their false allegations even before the case went to the courtroom. Thus, our client was able to avoid a lengthy court trial, and was acquitted of all driving under the influence charges.  

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