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Our defence lawyers worked tirelessly with our client, to ensure that he was not falsely charged of driving without a license, and without insurance. After pointing out the prosecution’s weak evidence, and lack of any recorded or forensic evidence, the judge was forced to drop the case and acquit our client of all charges.

Mr. W was arrested and accused of driving without a license and without insurance, after he was seen by a police officer on duty. Though there is no body worn footage, and the officer did not try to pull Mr. W over, he was still arrested at a later date for driving offence. Mr. W then contacted us to represent him.  

With the fate of our client hanging in the balance, our defence solicitors sprang into action. Determined to uncover the truth, they left no stone unturned in their quest for evidence. They scoured the scene, spoke to witnesses, friends, and family, and meticulously pieced together every shred of information. As we delved deeper, we uncovered a shocking truth – the case of driving without a license against our client was based on the shaky testimony of just one police officer. After digging further and chasing the prosecution for evidence, we obtained the officer’s witness statement. The officer claimed to have seen our client from nearly 10 meters away, through the window of a car at night. 

With their relentless efforts, our defence lawyers had uncovered a driving charge built on shaky foundations and were ready to fight for justice. We successfully argued against the prosecution’s evidence, pointing out that the officer’s testimony is highly flawed and not verifiable in any way. The judge was forced to accept that the prosecution’s evidence was incredibly weak, and immediately acquitted our client of all charges.  

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