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Our client was falsely accused of multiple charges of assault and grievous bodily harm and other offences after a conflict with his neighbour. After a thorough examination of the evidence and ruthless legal strategies, we successfully proved his innocence in court, leading to the prosecution dropping all charges and discontinuing the case.

Case Overview: 

Mr. E was accused of multiple charges of assault, grievous bodily harm, possession of an offensive weapon, and affray, after being accused by his neighbour. The complainant claimed that Mr. E threatened him with a machete, damaged his fence, and frightened others in the vicinity.  

Our Criminal Defence Solicitor’s Efforts: 

Upon hearing of his arrest, our assault solicitors immediately began the key task of recruiting all of the evidence, from gathering witness statements to closely analysing any CCTV footage, and bodily worn footage from police officers who responded to the complaint. Our defence solicitors meticulously analysed all the evidence, including evidence submitted by the prosecution, for any inconsistencies or biases against our client. Our defence solicitors also chased the prosecution for any unsubmitted evidence, including undisclosed material, for further detailed examination.
Before the trial even began, our assault solicitors submitted overwhelming amounts of evidence that pointed to our client’s innocence, a defence statement that detailed our client’s side of the story, and the flaws in the prosecution’s evidence. Faced with such formidable evidence, the prosecution had no choice but to drop all charges and discontinue the case before it even reached the courtroom. Exonerated of all charges of assault, affray & GBH, our client was free from all false affray, GBH & affray charges.  

How We Can Help You: 

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