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Our client, Mr. S was wrongfully charged with possession of a firearm without a certificate after a BBM gun was found in his home. Despite the firearm being fake, CPS pressed forward with these charges. Thanks to a diligent defence team, our criminal defence solicitors successfully proved our client’s innocence, good nature, and lack of intent to commit any offence. Faced with the facts, our lawyers proved that the CPS would be wasting their time, resulting in all charges being dropped before the first day of the trial.

Mr. S was working his day job as a contractor when the police obtained a search warrant for his house, and searched the premises. The reason for the warrant was that the police alleged that Mr. S was found with a stolen truck – even though he was able to later prove that the truck was purchased at an auction. During the search, the police found an Olympic BBM gun, and charged Mr. S with illegal possession of a firearm. Fearful of what could happen next, he contacted us to represent him. 

Our criminal defence solicitors immediately launched their own legal investigation to uncover the truth of the matter, determine whether the arrest was lawful, and to help establish our client’s side of the story. After meticulously analysing evidence submitted by the prosecution, our defence solicitors conducted their own thorough legal investigation. During the investigation, they discovered that the search warrant was unnecessary, as our client could prove that the truck was legally purchased from an auction. Furthermore, our client earlier worked for a home clearance company, and would often keep a few items that was of interest. These items included an antique BBM gun, a crossbow, and other items for decorative purposes.  

After speaking to our client’s friends and family members, obtaining witness statements and character statements from co-workers, our defence solicitors compiled an exhaustive document that covered our client’s intentions, his good character and good nature, and the fact that he was not aware that the BBM gun was unlawful.  

Before the trial even began, our defence lawyers confronted the CPS with their evidence, and proved that there is no realistic prospect of conviction. Faced with the facts, the CPS realised their error in continuing with the case, and immediately dropped the possession of an offensive weapon charges.  

Despite his innocent intentions, our client was forced into a legal confrontation over an unlawful arrest, simply for decorative pieces. What began as a misunderstanding spiralled into a legal battle. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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