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Our client was arrested for having tools like a hammer and screwdriver in his car, and then for having a small knife attached to his keychain. His defence lawyers were able to prove that they are tools of his trade, and all charges were dropped.

Our client, Mr. A, was arrested after he was found sleeping in his car. When the police knocked on his car window, they found a hammer and screwdriver in the front seat, within easy access to Mr. A. Upon arrest, they searched his person and found a small knife attached to his keychain as well and charged him for possession of a bladed article.  

When our client was falsely accused of possession of a bladed article, our criminal defence solicitors understood the gravity of the offence and immediately went to work. Our lawyers gathered crucial evidence – including witness statements, character statements, and proof of work – to prove his innocence. We uncovered the truth, that the hammer and screwdriver were tools of his trade as a tow truck driver, and that the small knife – which was less than 5 centimetres – was used for personal grooming. 

Our criminal defence solicitors also chased the prosecution and the police for solid evidence for the charges which included proving the client’s intent. With these offences carrying a maximum of 4 years in prison, our defence team worked hard to ensure that our client’s truth was told, and that justice would be served.  

Despite substantial evidence that pointed to our client using these tools for work and for personal use, the prosecution was unwilling to back down, and continued to trial. Faced with the overwhelming evidence from our defence lawyers during the trial, the prosecution had no choice but to drop all the charges. The judge acquitted our client, and he was able to walk away a free man.  

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