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Our client, Mr. A, was homeless and dealing with severe mental illness during the time of the offence. He was wrongly accused of public indecency and possession of a weapon, and was forcefully arrested. Our lawyers were successfully able to keep him out of prison and get him the rehabilitative treatment he required.

Mr. A was simply minding his own business and struggling to survive when he was falsely arrested for crimes he didn’t commit. He was homeless at that time, which meant that the only clothes he had were what he was wearing. At a launderette, he was washing his clothes – and wearing his boxers – when a complainant called the police and reported him for indecent exposure and possession of a weapon. The police officers were aggressive in their arrest, and slapped an extra charge of assaulting an emergency worker to the list.  

After contacting us, our assault solicitors immediately launched a thorough legal investigation, to uncover the truth of the matter. Our assault solicitors worked with an interpreter and a medical professional to assess our client’s mental state and history of mental disorders. The psychiatrist declared that our client had a long history of severe mental disorders – complete with hallucinations and paranoia. This prevented him from holding a job or earning money, and contributed to his homelessness. His mental state meant that he was unfit to plead, and unfit to stand trial.  

Our criminal defence solicitors also chased the police and the prosecution for any and all evidence collected. Reviewing the CCTV footage at the launderette and the body worn camera footage from the arresting officers, our assault solicitors discovered the whole truth – our client was innocent of the indecent exposure and possession of a weapon charges. He was simply washing his clothes, was still in his boxers, and the ‘bladed weapon’ was nothing but a tool to open tin cans of food. These cans were the only food items he could afford, and they would not expire, which is why he needed this tool to survive.  

During the trial, our assault solicitors used sympathetic legal strategies and the voluminous evidence collected to prove that our client was wholly innocent, and was in fact struggling and required immediate help, instead of being wrongfully forced into a prison cell. Ashamed by the way he was treated by the justice system, the jury voted to acquit him of all charges, effectively freeing our client.  

Being falsely accused indecent exposure / possession of weapon – especially when you’re dealing with tough situations, like mental illness or homelessness – can be devastating, and can further complicate a difficult situation. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests. Call us today for a free no-obligation consultation, we’re available 24/7. Worried about legal costs? Don’t be – we’re qualified legal aid solicitors, and we’re here to help.  


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