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Our client was arrested for, and accused of, possession of an offensive weapon charges and causing affray. With skilled legal strategies and a thorough investigation, our lawyers were able to prove that he was acting in self-defence, causing the prosecution to offer no evidence and automatically granting a victory for our client.  

Mr. F was arrested, along with another individual, for affray and possession of an offensive weapon in public. The arrest occurred after Mr. F and Mr. R were fighting in public with weapons, including a hammer and a metal pole.  

When our client reached out, our defence lawyers immediately sprang into action. They launched a thorough investigation, leaving no detail overlooked, to assess the impartiality and completeness of the evidence collected by the police and prosecution. This involved reinterviewing witnesses, meticulously scrutinizing every piece of evidence, and authenticating our client’s story. Faced with a potential sentence of 3 years’ imprisonment for the charge of affray, and 4 years’ imprisonment for the charge of possession of an offensive weapon, our defemce lawyers were keen to ensure that our client was not falsely imprisoned.  

As the investigation progressed, our defence solicitors made a shocking discovery. Our client had been attacked by Mr. R, and in a desperate bid for self-defence, had grabbed a metal pole. When asked why he didn’t call the police, he argued that he was in a life-and-death situation, and acted instinctively. Mr. R was armed with a hammer and our client had to protect himself. The truth was finally revealed, and our legal team fought to defend our client’s right to self-defence. 

Before the trial, our defence lawyers submitted overwhelming amounts of evidence that pointed to our client’s innocence – including CCTV footage and police interviews. Faced with the facts, the prosecution was forced to admit that they had no evidence against our client, and the judge immediately dropped all false charges.  

Being falsely accused of violence while trying to defend yourself can have severe consequences. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests. Call us today for a free no-obligation consultation, we’re available 24/7.  



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