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Our client, already recovering from severe injuries and trauma from a recent stabbing, was ambushed by three armed individuals on a motorbike while out with friends at a takeaway. Reacting instinctively for self-defense, they were implicated in possessing a bladed article after using a nearby machete to defend themselves against the attacker

This instinctive response, born out of fear and the instinctual will to survive, led to our client’s arrest at their home for affray and possession of a bladed article in a public place. The solicitors exerted great effort to argue that the client acted in self-defence. However, it was imperative that the court also took into account our client’s mental health when making their decision. Our client had been diagnosed with several disorders: Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, bipolar disorder, and PTSD due to a past stabbing incident. 

Acknowledging the significance of our client’s mental health in defending against a bladed article possession charge, we focused on thorough trial preparation and ensuring their comfort with the legal proceedings. We re-engaged their familiar barrister to boost confidence and arranged an intermediary for clear testimony communication, aiming to provide support and reassurance throughout the trial. 

The trial, a culmination of meticulous preparation and expert defence strategy regarding the charges of possession of a bladed article, led to a jury deliberation that lasted a mere 40 minutes. The result was a testament to our commitment to justice: a unanimous verdict of not guilty on both counts. Our client experienced immense relief, a stark contrast to the serious accusations of possession of a bladed article that once loomed over them. 

This case underscores not only the importance of a strong legal defence but also the vital role that mental health understanding plays within the legal process. It highlights our firm’s dedication to advocating for clients with complex needs and ensuring that their voices are heard, respected, and ultimately, vindicated. 

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