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Our client, Mr. G was wrongfully accused of assault grievous bodily harm and possession of a bladed article by a group of men. After scouring through CCTV footage and conducting multiple witness interviews, our assault solicitors verified that Mr. G was defending himself against the group, and had used a knife because another had pulled out a knife, and Mr.G feared for his safety. Thanks to their close analysis of evidence, the jury immediately acquitted our client.

Case Overview:  

Mr. G was spending a night with his friends in a studio, and things seemed to be going well. They were consuming class A drugs, and Mr. G felt uncomfortable as his friend’s energy changed and he began to pick fights with the others in the room. Mr. G then went upstairs to his own room, but was followed by Mr. C who continued to pick an argument. The others soon followed, and 3 men were in the same room as Mr. G, and one of them had a knife. Fearing for his safety, he agreed to go downstairs and snuck his own knife into his pocket, as a measure of protection. Downstairs, he tried to flee the situation but was quickly followed by the others, and one of them brandished a large kitchen knife. Fearing for his life, he pushed the other man away and stabbed him, before running and calling for help.  

He was soon arrested for assault, grievous bodily harm, and possession of a bladed article.  

Our Criminal Defence Solicitors’ Efforts:  

After contacting us to represent him, our assault solicitors immediately started their work, combing for evidence and searching for the truth. Beginning with meticulously analysing the evidence submitted by the prosecution, our assault solicitors conducted their own thorough legal investigation. By working with forensic experts to examine CCTV footage and medical reports submitted by the prosecution, our criminal defence solicitors were able to confirm our client’s story. Recorded CCTV footage showed our client running away from a group of men, and being physically confronted by them.  

Armed with the facts, our criminal defence solicitors submitted a lengthy, voluminous defence to the judge and the jury during the trial. They highlighted his previous history, submitted character statements from friends and co-workers and proved that our client was in a difficult situation, and had a mother and pregnant partner waiting for his return. Furthermore, our assault solicitors proved that our client feared for his life, and did not choose to pick a fight, and tried multiple times to remove himself from the situation but was forced to act.  

Faced with the facts, the jury immediately acquitted our client on all wrongful charges, and allowed him to return to his family a free man.  

How We Can Help You: 

Wrongful arrests like these can cause havoc on your life, especially when the line between self-defence and assault can vary, depending on the judge and the jury. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests. 

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