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Mohammed Zeb

Managing Director

Mohammed Zeb

Managing Director

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Mohammed is the Managing Director of this firm.

He commenced practice as a Criminal Lawyer more than 15 years ago. He has defended some of the most serious, complex and high-profile criminal cases of recent times. It is not uncommon for Mohammed's cases to attract substantial media attention but Mohammed chooses not to discuss cases for the protection of his clients' right to confidentiality.

He is a unique character and a force to be reckoned with. He is very careful and selective in choosing Barristers and QC's to work with his clients as he is renowned for delivering exceptional customer services, whilst remaining determined to succeed.

Mohammed has impressive abilities to digest evidence, identify flaws and search for crucial undisclosed evidence; qualities which reward him with staggering successful results he can boast about.

He has an immense own-client following and a reputation spanning the globe. His ethos of 'no compromise' is truly unique. As one Justice of the Peace commented, “it's not the remuneration, but the ability to stand up for the small guy that attracts many to Mohammed”.

Mohammed has personally represented clients for very minor matters and those with issues of national security. His list of his achievements and hunger to seek out justice is exhaustive, however, we have presented a selection of his cases below:

Notable Cases:

R v A & W
Mohammed led a team of Lawyers to represent two out of four defendants accused of Murder. The Murder resulted from an on-going feud between two rival North London gangs. The deceased was alleged to have entered the defendant’s area armed with guns and knives and was subsequently shot during a ‘wild-wild-west’ type shoot out. Both the defendants represented by Mohammed were acquitted after trial.

R v A,A,I & E

Mohammed led a team of Lawyers who secured the acquittal of all four defendants represented by us, charged with Conspiracy to Murder at the Central Criminal Court.

The prosecution alleged that a car salesman was lured out of his address by an Ilford gang member on the pretext of buying a car. Whilst outside his own home two other gang members riding a motorbike rode up to him and shot him three times causing life threatening injuries.

Following successful PII applications concerning undisclosed evidence, the Judge presiding over the case agreed that the prosecution had failed to present sufficient evidence to make a case. All four of our clients were acquitted.

R v A
Mohammed was instructed to defend a man charged with Murder and Conspiracy to Rob.

The allegation was that three defendants had travelled to Enfield to meet the deceased for the specific purpose of robbing him of an Apple computer. The incident led to an altercation in which  the deceased was stabbed to the heart suffering fatal injuries.

Mohammed and his team identified a key witness had not been called to give evidence and upon pursuing the line of enquiry, secured crucial evidence which, following a three week trial, led to our client being acquitted of Murder.

R v R
Mohammed secured an acquittal for a client involved in a high profile Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Robbery case at the Central Criminal Court. 

The allegation was that during an 18th birthday party in Edmonton, North London; a large group of males surrounded a smaller group and stole their mobile phones and personal possessions. The victim in this case was a supervisor at the party and attempted to step-in telling the males in the larger group to return the stolen items. A confrontation between members led to the victim being stabbed in his chest, back, legs and buttocks. These injuries proved fatal.

R v Z
Mohammed was instructed to represent a man accused of plotting mass Murder using liquid bombs.

Covert surveillance by the Anti-Terror Branch of Metropolitan Police led to searches taking place in High Wycombe, Birmingham and London; leading to the seizure of martyrdom videos.

The jury failed to reach a verdict on the first and second trial and the Attorney General authorised a third trial on the same evidence.

R v MC
Mohammed led a team of Lawyers to secure the acquittal of their client Mr C who was accused of Conspiracy to Burgle and Murder, when the resident of the targeted premises was stabbed to death.

Our client was alleged to have driven the murderers to and from the scene of the crime. Mr C, who is of good character with no previous convictions vehemently denied the allegations. With the support of our expert Murder Defence Solicitors and Mr Peter Doyle QC, Mr C was acquitted of Murder following a 2 month trial.

R v I
Mohammed represented one of 5 men accused of shooting a promising South London athlete, Sylvester Akapalara; along with the attempted Murder of two further men in a well publicised operation led by Trident.

The case involved eye witness testimony, forensic evidence and relied heavily upon cell site evidence along with call patterns. 

After a four week trial at the Old Bailey, our client was acquitted following an application by the defence. 

R v E
Mohammed was asked to defend a young man accused of being involved in the high profile Murder of a 15 year old cyclist on Caledonian Road, London. It was alleged that our client was part of a group of boys who attacked the victim using a knife, causing his tragic and heart sinking death. 

Numerous witnesses were at the scene and our client had been named by someone known to him. 

Expert advice from Mohammed's team of Lawyers ensured that advice given was sufficient to immediately exclude our client from further investigation and unnecessary deprivation of liberty. 


  • Duty Solicitor & Head of the Serious Crime Department


  • London Criminal Court Solicitors Association 
  • Pakistani Pakhatoon Association
  • Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme