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Causing or Inciting Sexual activity

Expertise are developed with practice and access to large volumes of work. Our Sexual Offences Solicitors have defended Sexual Offences daily for more than 30 years. We really are unparalleled experts in this field, requiring careful and skilful lawyering.

We understand the turmoil caused by allegations of Causing or Inciting Sexual Activity. You may feel terribly embarrassed and the allegations will inevitably affect your well-being and may even affect your ability to work. Whether the allegations are True or not, the Rule of Law and Human Rights Act assumes one to be ‘innocent until proven guilty’ but you may be feeling like the system is totally against you and presuming you to be guilty until you prove your innocence.

Lack of sleep, constant stress, shaking anxiety and worries for your future and your family will destabilise your decision-making capabilities. You must therefore engage Sexual Offences Solicitors to not only guide you through the process but also make you feel better about the case in general.

What is causing or inciting Sexual Activity?

Causing or Inciting Sexual Activity without consent is a Criminal Offence. Under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, if you cause or encourage another person to engage in a Sexual Act or Activity without the consent of the other party, you may have committed a Criminal Offence.

The definition of consent essentially means that the other party involved has given their full permission for the Sexual Activity to go ahead. If you have been accused of Causing or Inciting Sexual Activity then you will need a specialist to highlight how, when and why you believe consent was given.

To build your defence case, to challenge the weaknesses of the prosecution case, to investigate the credibility and truthfulness of the complainant; having a legal team that you can trust, be honest with and who are on hand to answer any questions you may have, is vital.

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How can our Sexual Offences Solicitors help ?

At Stuart Miller Solicitors, we are extremely proud of the long-established reputation we have in the Sexual Offences field. We provide highly trusted legal advice but also ensure that every member of our legal team is approachable and open-minded.

We will act pro-actively and not wait to be re-active against the prosecution building its case. We are modern, energetic and committed Lawyers with an unmatched eagerness to win. To achieve the best possible outcome, we believe that early action by you is pivotal. If you are interviewed by the police without an expert Sexual Offences Solicitor, you may say something on the police interview tape which will damage the entire case. You must therefore engage our services from the very outset so we can set about protecting your best interests.

In such complex and intimidating investigations or prosecutions, you will require skilful advice at every juncture. To understand each other and ensure we can work together, we will offer you a free consultation for you to discuss your case with us. Our team will listen to your side of the case, talk you through the process and discuss how the case should proceed so you can make an informed decision on representation.

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