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Sexual Communication With A Child

If you have been accused of Sexual Communication with a Child Offences, you can be confident of receiving accurate, intelligent and creative advice from our Sexual Offences Solicitors. We have defended Sexual Offences for more than 30 years and we keep abreast with legal developments to maintain our skills in challenging prosecutions and defending our clients.

We understand that being accused of any Sexual Offence, especially involving children, will be an extremely distressing and difficult matter for you. This can be exasperated if you are not familiar with the Criminal Justice System, what will happen next, what you are required to do and when; and whether you are doing anything to harm yourself or being too naive in believing the police !

The offence in a nutshell

Sexual Communication with a Child became an offence on 3rd April 2017. This offence does not apply retrospectively and therefore only captures behaviour falling foul of the law from 3rd April 2017 onwards. It is now illegal:

  • for someone over the age of 18
  • to intentionally communicate with a child
  • who they do not believe to be over 16; IF
  • the communication is sexual;
  • or it encourages the child to make a communication which is sexual; AND 
  • the communication was for the purposes of sexual gratification.

Due to the nature of the offence, it is likely you will be asked questions by the police that you feel are an intrusion into your private life. We understand you may feel embarrassed broaching the subject which is why our Sexual Offences team are specially trained to make you feel at ease. We pride ourselves on our discreet and sensitive approach which will be tailored specifically to you.

This offence does not just apply to communication over the internet or via telephone. It spans all modes of communication including handwritten and oral. If the allegation relates to communication using a device such as a PC, mobile phone or tablet it is extremely likely your devices will be seized by the police for download. Our Sexual Offences Solicitors have a vast database of trusted, brilliant and supportive experts who can be called in to support your case and give testimony in Court.

Child using mobile phone

Importance of seeking advice early on

As with any investigation, the earlier we are involved in the process the more effective our advice will be and the more steps we can take to protect you throughout the ordeal. What is said, or not said in a police interview can affect the outcome of your trial. The consequences of a conviction of this nature are serious. It will result in an automatic requirement to sign on to the Sex Offenders’ Register and can lead to a custodial sentence of up to 2 years and a restriction on your employment within certain professions; leading to a crippling effect upon your reputation and financial circumstances.

If you are accused of Sexual Communication with a Child Offences, please Contact Us and ask to speak to our Sexual Offences Solicitors. We can arrange a meeting with you in person, online or by telephone. If you prefer, you can WhatsApp us from the link you will find at the bottom banner if you open this page on your mobile phone device.