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The crime of employee theft covers everything from affecting a business's potential for success to creating a reduction in profits.

Employers should take steps to protect their property, such as adding closed-circuit television cameras and ensuring processes are watertight with regards to the potential for employee theft.

If a business doesn’t want to take the ‘big brother’ route to protect a business, it’s possible to put in a series of checks and balances which will mean that any theft can quickly be identified.

If you have been informed that you are under investigation for this offence, it’s essential that you take the legal guidance of employee theft and/or employee fraud solicitors as quickly as possible.

There are some situations in which lawyers can get theft from an employer case dismissed before they progress to the court stage.  However, without engaging a competent lawyer, this cannot be gauged.

Have you been charged or arrested for theft from an employer?   

Anybody who discovers that they or a person close to them is about to be charged or arrested for the theft from an employer offence will be feeling under pressure.

There are cases where somebody is accused of being involved, but they have were not involved. In this type of situation, you must get any link to the crime removed from your name. If you don’t clear your name, you could suffer disastrous consequences in the future when it comes to your reputation and your career.

We’ve put together some information about the theft from employer offence and what this may mean to you and your family. To help you to understand the legal framework of this crime, we have put together some answers to the most asked questions. We aim to help you by providing some guidance and support as you go through this very challenging situation.

Here at Stuart Miller Solicitors, our primary goal is to help people who find themselves up against the law. We understand how tough these situations can be, in particular if you’ve played no part in a crime.

If you have questions and want to ask a lawyer on what you should do, then call us on 0208 888 5225 or complete our contact form. We can also be reached 24/7 on the emergency number above.

What is theft from an employer?

Here are some examples of the offence of theft from an employer:

Helping yourself to the stationery cupboard  – taking pens, papers, or other stationery items from your employers stationery is not legal, and you could be charged with theft from an employer.

Claiming for expenses that you did not incur – for example, you may argue that you had travelled by car for 95 miles to see a client on your mileage expenses, whereas in reality, it was just 40 miles.

Besides the examples listed above, there many other circumstances that can fit the theft from an employer offence. Our legal team are happy to answer any questions that you may have. You can call us about your situation on 0208 888 5225 for further information.

What occurs in a theft from an employer investigation?

If a business reports to the police that you have defrauded them, it’s the job of the police to investigate what’s happened. You may be invited to the police station for an interview. The police may speak to your colleagues, your family or others in a bid to understand more about you as a person and what your most recent activities have been.

The police may ask to search for further evidence. The process is to request a search warrant from the courts that allows them to search your home and/or your workplace. It’s the role of the police to now prove that you are guilty of theft from your employer. The theft investigator is likely to want to collect as much evidence as they can, including expert reports, photographic evidence, video, audio recordings and images.

Being at the centre of an investigation into theft from an employer makes most people feel stressed, under pressure and very worried. Anybody who is under investigation for committing a crime may be faced with a prison sentence if convicted.

Being imprisoned can affect your ability to make an income. If you have dependents who need you to support them, this can put you into a position of not being able to fulfil that commitment.

It’s vital to take early action. Speaking to an experienced lawyer who has defended other similar cases will provide you with the necessary support for a time like this.

Depending on what’s happened, there are some situations when a lawyer will be able to get you removed from the case and sometimes, even get the case closed. The trouble with a case reaching the court stage is that there is a slim chance that you could be found guilty and imprisoned, even if you were not involved in the crime.

Have you been falsely accused of theft from an employer?

On occasion, innocent people get caught up in allegations. They may be accused of being involved in a theft from an employer case in error or even purposefully. The police have a tactic which consists of charging somebody when they are innocent. It’s a way to throw mud to see who else may be involved.

To ensure that you don’t need to attend a court case, you must engage a lawyer who knows how to get your name and reputation cleared, and the case closed.

Find out more by hiring a lawyer

Known for their keen drive to secure convictions in court, the police can withhold evidence. By holding back evidence, they can trick you into incriminating yourself.

However, if you take a lawyer along with you to any police meeting, the lawyer can demand to see any further evidence. Once the lawyer has this evidence, they then know far more about how to approach the case in terms of your defence.

We don’t recommend attending meetings with the police without being accompanied by a competent solicitor. The police will want to invite you to the police station so that they can record the session and add it to their evidence against you.

If they arrest you, they won’t share all the information they have on you. You won’t know the full details until they charge you, arrest you or have begun an investigation into what happened. You must take an experienced solicitor along with you. A solicitor will be able to demand to know about any further information so that they can begin to craft a robust defence to protect you from being found guilty and being convicted. Being convicted could mean being handed a prison sentence.

The magistrate or court are likely to give the police permission to access all areas of your life. Your telephone, devices, phone records and social media accounts will all be scrutinised for clues. They will look through your WhatsApp and any other communication apps including your email.

Engage a competent lawyer quickly

You are going to put yourself at risk if you attend any police interview without a proficient fraud officer at your side. You won’t be able to access any evidence that the police have on you, as you could if you had a lawyer with you. A lawyer can ask to see any further evidence, and this will go in your favour.

The training of police officers equips them to ask the most intrusive and probing questions. They may show you some evidence that they have on you. They may keep some for their benefit which they will use to try to get you to incriminate yourself. The interview will be stressful, and pressure-filled, as they try to trap you through your answers.

By engaging a competent solicitor, you are giving yourself access to the best legal advice so that you are in position for the best possible outcome.

Have you been charged or arrested with theft from an employer?

If you are arrested or charged with theft from an employer, your first step to give yourself some protection is to speak with a lawyer who has experience in defending theft from an employer offence. The lawyer should give you some support and guidance on what you need to do, say and consider in your current situation.

Although some people are under the opinion that they may be able to represent themselves, law can be very complicated. There can be some ways that you can use the structure of law to provide you with protection. Without having studied law, it would be hard to put yourself into a favourable situation.

Engaging a lawyer who knows how to defend against the theft from an employer offence can make all the difference.

Can the police search my home?

A judge or magistrate will be approached by the police for a search warrant. The police will then use this to search your vehicle, your home and possibly your workplace.  They will look at your images, emails, messages, bank statements and social media accounts or whatever they deem to be relevant and applicable.

Does a conviction of theft from an employer mean prison?

Being convicted of theft from an employer won’t necessarily mean that you’ll go to jail. When deciding on your sentence, the judge will look at your personal circumstances, how much you stole and why. There is a chance you could be asked to pay back what you stole, given a fee and asked to do some hours of community service.

Read more about sentencing for Theft from an Employer offences

Does a conviction for theft from an employer go on your criminal record?

If you found to be guilty of the offence of theft from an employer, you will be given a criminal record.

What can Stuart Miller Solicitors do to help?

The lawyers at Stuart Miller Solicitors have deep knowledge of all kinds of cases. Our legal team is recognised for their skills in defending including in the cases of theft from an employer. Visit our theft and fraud cases on our website to find out more about what we have done for others who have been in similar situations as you are finding yourself now.

Once you speak with our team and get to know more about the vastness of our knowledge and experience, you’ll understand that our team has what it takes to mount the best possible defence for you.

Our team of solicitors are exceptional people in addition to their legal prowess. They know how traumatic these challenges can be and provide you with guidance and support. This is a situation that can take its toll not only on your emotional and psychological health but on your family and work life. We will help you through the ordeal of court and guide you every step of the way.

Our network of forensic scientists, accountants and other expert witnesses will come together to create the best possible outcome for you.

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