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When Mr R was charged with fraud, police and prosecutors were convinced they had their man.

Accused of defrauding top car manufacturers to obtain luxury motors, it was expected that he would plead guilty in court on the earliest occasion.

So, when the businessman maintained his innocence in the face of a possible five-year prison term, a judge urged him to rethink – insisting that the case against him seemed overwhelming.

But he was always believed by the fraud team at Stuart Miller Solicitors – who fought on his behalf to preserve his liberty.

It was alleged that Mr R used fraudulent papers to obtain high-end vehicles from Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and Range Rover.

But while he was the director of the shell company used to obtain the cars, he was also the unwitting victim of fraud himself.

A spokesman for Stuart Miller Solicitors said: “Mr R explained that he had been a victim of fraud and that he was duped by a group of individuals to set up a company in his name, which he understood was being used for hiring cars for high net-worth individuals.

“He truly believed the business to be legitimate until he was arrested many months later and found himself facing a criminal trial and five year prison sentence if found guilty.”

Stuart Miller fraud lawyers launched their own months-long investigation to prove Mr R’s innocence.

They were able to obtain crucial details of the individuals that duped their client, while demonstrating how they should have captured on various CCTV cameras.

Several witnesses crucial to Mr R’s case was traced and interviewed.

Their findings meant they were able to prompt the police to do further detective work and force the prosecution to halt legal proceedings.

Just a week before Mr R’s scheduled trial, all charges were dropped.

A spokesman added: “Stuart Miller fraud lawyers take on every case believing in the presumption of innocence and trusting the word of their clients.

“It was with this approach and belief that Stuart Miller Fraud Solicitors took on Mr R’s case.”


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