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Ms. K was falsely accused of threatening language and arrested under section 4 Public Order Act. Despite evidence that pointed to her innocence, she was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to a rehabilitation order and a fine. Recognising the injustice, our defence team immediately filed an appeal, and ultimately secured our client’s innocence and cleared her name.

Ms. K was waiting for a train at the train station and texting her ex-partner when she struck up an innocent conversation with a couple of women seated near her. What began as a harmless question about the amount of cash they were carrying spiralled into an argument between Ms. K and an unrelated man. The man thought the women were arguing, and stepped up to intervene. Despite Ms. K attempting to calm him down, the two got into a physical fight. The police were called and Ms. K was wrongfully arrested under section 4 Public Order Act 

After contacting us to represent her, our assault solicitors immediately launched their own legal investigation to uncover the truth of the matter. After gathering witness statements from witnesses at the train station, going through CCTV footage, and combing through the evidence submitted by the prosecution, our criminal defence solicitors were armed with the evidence required to prove our client’s innocence. 

During the trial, the judge wrongfully convicted her, and sentenced her to a rehabilitation order and to pay a fine. However, our assault solicitors know not to back down in the face of injustice, and immediately filed an appeal. Determined to prove her rightful innocence, our criminal defence solicitors fought for an appeal and for a retrial.  

During the appeal, our assault solicitors submitted the evidence gathered and skilfully argued that the initial decision was a wrong one. Finally accepting the facts, the judge accepted their error and acquitted our client, clearing her name of all wrongful charges.  

Despite having the evidence, it is possible to be wrongfully convicted. Thus, appeals are a necessary part of the criminal justice system and are vital to securing your freedom especially when the judge has made a mistake. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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