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Our client Ms. L was accused of ABH with a knife by her partner after a heated argument. The investigation revealed that Ms. L was subject to years of physical and mental abuse by the hands of her partner, and that her DNA was not present on the knife handle at all. Thanks to an exhaustive investigation, the jury acquitted our client of all charges after an hour of deliberations.

Ms. L was trapped in a troubling relationship with her partner, and had endured years of physical and psychological abuse. During one harrowing argument, her partner called the police and filed charges of actual bodily harm against her, claiming that she had attacked him with the kitchen knife. Upon arrest, Ms. L was taken into custody despite having obvious injuries of her own, including a broken lip and a bruised jaw.  

Fearful for her safety and for her future, she contacted us regarding ABH (Actual Bodily Harm) to represent her. Our assault solicitors, committed to uncovering the truth and ensuring our client’s side of the story was heard in cases involving ABH, immediately sprang to action. After meticulously analyzing all evidence submitted by the police and the prosecution, our criminal defence solicitors, specialized in ABH cases, conducted their own thorough legal investigation. This included working closely with a psychiatrist to assess her mental health and the history of their relationship, collaborating with mobile phone experts to analyze the contents of her text messages and photos to determine any psychological abuse from her partner, and consulting with doctors to assess her own injuries that she sustained. 

Furthermore, our assault solicitors worked with forensic scientists to analyse any DNA evidence gathered from the knife handle, and discovered that our client’s DNA was not present on the knife or handle. The psychologist provided expert reports proving that our client was suffering from mental illnesses as a direct result of the mental and physical abuse she endured over the years. The reports from mobile phone experts corroborated this, providing further proof that our client was the victim, and was falsely accused.  

During the trial, our criminal defence solicitors presented substantial evidence supporting our client’s innocence, and demonstrated that the complainant was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the alleged offence, as evident in the arresting officer’s body-worn camera footage. Integrated with the complainant’s history of alcohol abuse, our ABH solicitors successfully contended that our client was wrongfully accused of assault. Post-trial, the jury acquitted our client after just 56 minutes of deliberations, enabling her to vindicate her name and restore her reputation. 

Despite years of emotional and physical abuse, it can take one false allegation to upend your life, and paint you in a negative light. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests. 

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