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Our client, Mrs. M was accused of grievous bodily harm and assault, and was arrested for stabbing her husband. However, our defence lawyers uncovered a personal history of domestic abuse between Mrs. M and her husband, and she had acted out of self defence and feared for her life. Armed with the facts, our defence lawyers proved her innocence and convinced the prosecution to drop all charges against her, thus securing her freedom and safety.

Mrs. M suffered from a troubled relationship with her husband. As mother to two young children, she was unable to find time to work, and the family struggled with finances. Combined with the stresses of a young family, Mrs. M had frequent arguments with her husband, that would often turn violent. One fateful night, she feared for her life after a heated argument and ran to the kitchen. Not thinking about what could go wrong, she grabbed a kitchen knife and accidentally slashed him with it. Despite the injuries, he did not call the police – and chose to wait an entire day before filing a complaint for assault and grievous bodily harm against her.  

Fearful for her future and for her children, she immediately contacted us to help her. Our assault solicitors sprang into action, determined to protect our client from an abusive relationship and reunite her with her children as soon as possible. They began their investigation by meticulously analysing all evidence submitted by the police and the prosecution, to search for any inconsistencies or biases against our client.  

Our criminal defence solicitors also worked closely with our client to document her relationship with her husband, her fear for her life and safety, and the constant abuse that she was forced to endure. Our assault solicitors also gathered witness statements from friends and neighbours that agreed to hearing loud fights from our client’s house. Our criminal defence solicitors also gathered forensic evidence, working with psychologists and medical professionals to speak to our client and gather a descriptive history of her relationship – ultimately proving the horrific abuse she had to endure for months at a time, caused by financial stress.  

Before the trial even began, our assault solicitors approached the prosecution armed with evidence proving our client’s innocence. As she feared for her safety, her intent was not malicious nor assault him or cause him grievous bodily harm, and she had acted in self-defence. Furthermore, the complainant did not file charges until the next day, and there is no proof to her criminal intent or to her intentionally wishing to seriously harm the complainant. Faced with the facts, the prosecution realised that our client had acted in self-defence, and immediately dropped all charges GBH & assault charges. Thus, our client was able to avoid an emotionally nerve-wracking trial, and was able to return to her children a free woman.  

Domestic violence is always a complicated scenario, one that can lead to false arrests and wrongful convictions, as the line between assault / GBH and self-defence is thin and complicated when facing years of abuse at the hands of a loved one. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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