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Our client, Mr. D had witnessed an accident between his friend and the complainant. When he went to help his friend out, the complainant and our client got into a verbal argument. The complainant threw a lit cigarette at him and attempted to assault him, where he defended himself. The complainant filed charges of assault and criminal damage. Thanks to a thorough legal investigation and in-depth research, our assault solicitors successfully had the false charges of assault dropped, clearing our client’s name.

Mr. D was waiting on the street when he saw his friend on a moped get hit by a car, driven by Ms. X. As the three of them were waiting for the police, Ms. X shouted at Mr. D to “stop staring” at her. The two entered a verbal disagreement, whereby she threw her lit cigarette at him and tried to assault him, and he defended himself. When the police arrived, she filed charges of assault and criminal damage, arguing that he assaulted her.  

Upon contacting us, our assault solicitors immediately launched a thorough legal investigation, to uncover the truth of the matter. This is to ensure that the evidence gathered is completely objective and unbiased. Our assault solicitors chased the police and the prosecution for any and all evidence submitted, worked with CCTV experts to review CCTV footage of the accident and the confrontation, and interviewed multiple witnesses who were present during the accident.  

During the investigation, our defence solicitors discovered that our client was innocent of the criminal damage charges– that he was assaulted first, risked being burned by a lit cigarette, and that he did not raise a fist against anyone but merely tried to defend himself from her attacks. Armed with clear, comprehensive evidence of his innocence, our defence lawyers submitted a thorough breakdown of the facts combined with an impeccable legal strategy. The jury immediately saw that the charges were wrongfully made, and acquitted our client of the assault & criminal famage charges, allowing him to go home a free man.  

Being falsely accused of assault can be extremely difficult to handle, particularly when there may not be enough objective evidence to prove the truth. In these cases, the complainant’s word goes a long way, and it’s often an uphill battle to prove your innocence. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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