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When a night of passion went wrong, our client was facing a charge that could land him in a year in prison if he was found guilty.

Our client, Mr D, was spending the night with his then-girlfriend when things suddenly took a dark turn.

Mr D was arrested at his then-girlfriend’s home after she called the police and made allegations against him that he had allegedly attempted to suffocate her.

Our client instructed Stuart Miller Solicitors that he had attended the address of his then-girlfriend for the night. They had spent the night together, and then he left the bedroom to charge his phone.

At this time, our client instructed Stuart Miller Solicitors that his then-girlfriend began to get angry and annoyed, as a result of this asking him to leave her home that he did not share with her.

Whilst he was doing so, our client instructed us that she became further irate and pulled out a knife and began to threaten Mr D so that he would leave.

As he was gathering his belongings, Mr D raised his hand to defend himself against his then-girlfriend and his hand brushed her mouth. She in return bit his hand.

When the police were called, Mr D’s then-girlfriend made a witness statement that alleged he had restrained her with an arm around her neck and forced her face into some pillows, which is when she retrieved the knife.

Upon instructing us, Mr D made clear that he had not made any attempt to restrain his then-girlfriend with his arm around her neck but did confirm that he had been threatened with a knife.

Stuart Miller Solicitors conducted expert case management from the police station stage on this case.

On our client, Mr D’s behalf and with his instruction, a prepared statement was drawn up that demonstrated to the police our client’s version of events.

As a result, our client’s case was given a No Further Action decision. This means that the police are not continuing their investigation into this incident and our client did not have to attend court.



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