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Our client, Mr. O was wrongfully accused by his partner of non-fatal strangulation and criminal damage. Our diligent team of solicitors were able to prove that the allegations were false and malicious in nature after their relationship history was uncovered, and our assault solicitors unearthed that the complainant threatened to file false allegations to ruin our client’s life.

Mr. O was at the airport, on the way to a pre-booked holiday when he was stopped by the border officers and taken aside for questioning. He discovered that his ex-partner, Ms. M had filed charges, resulting in his arrest for charges of assault and criminal damage 

Fearing for his freedom and his reputation, Mr. O immediately contacted us to represent him. Our assault solicitors immediately sprang into action, determined to uncover the truth of the matter. After meticulously analysing all evidence submitted by the police and the prosecution, our criminal defence solicitors began their own thorough legal investigation into the matter. After speaking to our client and his mother about his relationship with Ms. M, criminal damage lawyers worked with forensic experts to scan our client’s phone and his messages, and Ms. M’s phone as well, and gathered proof that our client was not even at Ms. M’s residence at the time of the alleged offence. Furthermore, medical experts that examined Ms. M found no proof of any injuries or assault – directly contradicting her own statement to the police.  

Our client’s mother was able to testify that he had gotten into an argument over the phone with Ms. M the day of the offence, and that Ms. M had threatened to file false charges of assault against him. Unwilling to argue further, our client simply hung up the phone and continued packing for his trip the next day.  

Armed with overwhelming evidence of the nature of these false allegations, our assault solicitors quickly and succinctly proved that the allegations were patently false, and malicious in nature. Our solicitors proved that not only was our client innocent, but that these charges were filed to disrupt his holiday, and cause irreparable damage to his freedom and his reputation. Faced with the facts, the prosecution immediately withdrew all charges and offered no evidence, effectively acquitting our client and clearing his name.  

In troubled relationships, it can take one false allegation made in the heat of the moment to disrupt the next few months of your life – if not permanently damage your reputation. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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