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Our client was arrested for assault by beating after being caught in a fistfight. However, our defence lawyers’ strategic and empathetic legal tactics ensured that our client would not see the inside of a prison cell, and instead be given the chance to rehabilitate, and better himself.

Ms. A was arrested for a serious assault by beating charge, after she was caught in a fight between her and another woman, and Ms. A’s boyfriend had stepped in. The argument devolved into a fight over a relationship, and once the police arrived, all three were arrested.  

Ms. A then contacted our defence lawyers, to uncover the truth and ensure that her rights were protected. Immediately, our defence solicitors hit the ground running, and chased the police and prosecution for any and all evidence related to the case. They went through the evidence with a fine-toothed comb, meticulously poring over every detail to make sure our client wasn’t arrested without reason, and that all proper procedures were followed.
Our defence lawyers established a strong defence tactic by going through the evidence, gathering character statements, and speaking to any potential witnesses, to ascertain the exact truth of the situation, instead of relying on hearsay.  

During the trial, our defence solicitors pointed to the overwhelming evidence of our client’s good nature and history, and succinctly argued that Ms. A deserved a chance at rehabilitation, instead of a prison sentence. Moved by the empathetic argument, and by the objective facts of the case, the judge passed a suspended sentence – ensuring our client avoided a prison sentence and gave her a much-deserved second chance.  

Everyone has the right to a second chance, and to rehabilitation. If you, or someone you know, is in a similar situation, don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests. Call us today for a free no-obligation consultation, we’re available 24/7. 


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