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Our clients, Ms. T and Mr. L were charged with assault, affray and possession of a weapon after the two were in a fight with the complainant, during a party. Thanks to our defence team, our assault solicitors were able to prove that the fight was instigated by the complainant, that Ms. T was protecting herself and Mr. L stepped in to protect her from the initial assault by the complainant.

Ms. T, Mr. L and Mr. M were among the many that had attended a small party on the street. As there was alcohol involved, the argument between Mr. M and Ms. T soon devolved into a fight, with CCTV footage showing blurry videos of three individuals getting into a physical altercation. As this was on the street, multiple witnesses were present and had called the police – resulting in Ms. T and Mr. L being arrested and charged with assault, possession of a weapon, and affray 

Fearful for their safety, Ms. T and Mr. L immediately contacted us to help them. Our criminal defence solicitors sprang into action, determined to uncover the truth from the many conflicting stories, and to provide a platform for our clients to share their side of the story. Our solicitors began by meticulously analysing all evidence submitted by the prosecution and the police – including the body worn camera footage from the arresting officers. Following this, our assault solicitors onducted a thorough analysis of all the events – including gathering witness statements from all the others present, establishing a clear timeline of events with our clients, and noting down the succession of events that took place before the alleged assault actually happened. Our assault solicitors also closely analysed all CCTV footage from the event, and worked with forensic experts to gather and analyse fingerprints from the alleged weapon.  

Our assault solicitors discovered a very different picture than one painted by the complainant. Ms. T and the complainant had a rough history, and Ms. T feared the complainant. To this end, she even filed a police report about the complainant a few days earlier, arguing that he had made sexual comments and gestures towards her 12-year-old daughter, and that she felt unsafe. Furthermore, the assault began when the complainant had slapped Ms. T across the face.
Mr. L, on the other hand, was a Good Samaritan and had witnessed the complainant assault Ms. T and stepped in to protect her. This leads to the scuffle captured by CCTV footage, with the complainant eventually running away. Forensic reports revealed that our clients did not touch the weapon at all.  

Before the trial, our lawyers submitted overwhelming evidence that proved these allegations were totally false, and were maliciously made by the complainant. Acknowledging our client’s history with the complainant, our lawyers were able to prove that our clients had acted in self-defence, and were fearful for their safety. Faced with the facts, the magistrates realised the truth and immediately dropped all charges, immediately acquitting our clients.  

Protecting yourself from an aggressor can come with consequences – in the form of a false arrest, and an unlawful conviction. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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