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A man linked to a drugs ring operating near a London railway station was acquitted after a trial.

Mr R was rounded up in a British Transport Police operation into drug dealing and disorder outside Ilford train station.

He was alleged to have been among a number of men dealing in class A and B drugs.

Mr R called on Stuart Miller Solicitors after being arrested at a house where cannabis, pre-packaged bags, scales and other paraphernalia was found.

He was charged with possessing cannabis with intent to supply but denied any involvement in the sale of drugs.

Ahead of his trial, criminal defence lawyers from Stuart Miller Solicitors were able to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case after thoroughly analysing all its evidence.

A spokesman said: “Mr R’s defence was that he had never been involved in selling drugs. On the night he was arrested he had not been involved in selling drugs or that his presence at the property was in furtherance of any agreement to supply drugs.

“As part of the defence preparation we undertook a detailed analysis of the prosecution evidence. We looked at the surveillance to identify anything that would implicate our client. We also identified further unserved disclosure which may have assisted Mr R’s case.

“The prosecution relied on evidence of what was found at the property at the time Mr R was arrested, so we requested disclosure of all search records including photographic evidence and video files showing the search.

“As part of the prosecution case, there was limited forensic evidence recovered from the drugs and packaging material and it was not clear as to where the fingerprints of our client were found, therefore questions were raised in relation to the strength of this evidence.”

Mr R was unanimously acquitted by the jury after the defence were able to cast doubt on his alleged involvement.


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