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A man falsely accused of a sex assault secured a not guilty verdict after his so-called victim was exposed as a liar.

Mr M faced a lengthy prison term if convicted at trial of groping the woman at a house party.

She accused him of rape after falling asleep on a sofa and waking up in discomfort.

Mr M denied the allegations, insisting that any sexual touching had been consensual and that the woman’s account was “fabricated”

Kiran Johal, of Stuart Miller Solicitors, guided Mr M through the legal process after first representing him upon his police station arrest.

A spokesman for the firm said: “She represented Mr M at the police station where he was advised to provide an account of what had happened in order to put his version of events at the earliest opportunity.

“Kiran was able to obtain eyewitnesses and character witnesses to prove that the alleged offence simply did not take place.

“She was also able to obtain witness statements which would undermine the complainant’s character.”

At trial, Mr M was supported by a string of defence witnesses who gave evidence in his favour.

A barrister instructed by Stuart Miller Solicitors cross-examined the alleged victim, and soon put doubt in jurors’ minds.

After three days, the jury was discharged and came back with a verdict of not guilty.


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