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False allegations of domestic abuse are incredibly difficult for courts and police to track. Research around false allegations of domestic abuse is understandably limited.

Statistics of the figures of false allegation scan varies greatly. Some researchers report that 2% to 8% of domestic abuse allegations are false while others report that 50% of domestic abuse allegations are false.

Our client was accused with assault charges by beating after a jealous ex-lover accused him of beating her after their troubled and difficult relationship ended.

After meeting on an online dating site, our client and the complainant began a relationship.

They became close quickly, but due to the complainant’s unpredictable and aggressive behaviour, their relationship quickly soured. They had an on-again-off-again relationship.

Over the past two years, the complainant has brought a series of unfounded allegations against our client.

On the date of the alleged assault, our client was attending the address of the complainant to pick up his belongings.

During his visit, an alleged argument ensues between the two. Our client made an attempt to leave the house, going to his car and attempting to start it. In an effort to stop him from leaving the complainant threw paint all over our client’s car and his person.

Both the complainant and our client then returned to the house to clean up.

After this event concluded, our client and the complainant fell asleep.

He woke up later in the night to find two friends of the complainant standing over him, one holding a baseball bat.

Our client was told to leave the premises and was escorted out forcibly by the two men. Outside, the two men told our client to leave and not return as he should not be with the complainant anymore.

When charged our client instructed us that he was innocent and had not committed any assaults against the complainant throughout their relationship.

Expert Criminal Defence Solicitor Duygu Basiguzel made representations on behalf of our client to the Crown Prosecution Service before the hearing that the matter should be dropped because there were numerous contradictions present in the complainant’s victim statement.

It was also determined by Duygu through deliberate and precise evidence analysis that the witness statement provided was not in reference to the particular date of the alleged assault charges.


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