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Our client, Mrs. A, was accused of fraud along with her husband, his friend, and his friend’s wife. The four of them were charged with counts of fraud and illegal possession of tobacco. Thanks to a thorough legal investigation and sympathetic legal tactics, our lawyers proved our client’s innocence as she was unaware of her husband’s business. The judge immediately had all charges dropped against her, and she walked out a free woman.

Mrs. A, an Arab housewife, was living a comfortable but busy life with her husband and four children. Her days were taken up with housework, and she spent all of her time dedicated to her husband and her children. Everything came crashing down when the police booted her door, and conducted a search of her home.  

Understandably afraid of the situation, she tried to leave with her bag and was accused of ‘running away with evidence’ and charged with multiple counts of fraud, money laundering, and possession of tobacco without paying any customs or duties. The police found over £600,000 in cash in their home, which our client and her husband argued was from his mother, in order to build a mosque in their area.  

After contacting us, our criminal defence solicitors immediately sprang into action to assess the situation and uncover the truth of the matter. What was revealed was our client’s complete and total innocence in the matter. She describes herself as a typical Arab housewife, and leaves financial matters to her husband. This meant that she was completely unaware of the alleged fraud carried out, and the couple did not discuss her husband’s work. As a housewife, she spent all her time taking care of the home and of her young children, and did not have the time to go into her husband’s work.  

By working with financial experts to analyse our client’s financial statements, gathering witness statements from the other defendants, friends and family members, our fraud lawyers established concrete proof of our client’s innocence. During the trial, our fraud lawyers pushed forward the evidence gathered, and used sympathetic legal strategies to show the judge and the jury that our client was a housewife who was dedicated to her children, and unaware of any crimes of fraud that were committed. Moved by the defence, the judge immediately had all charges dismissed, effectively setting our client free.  

Being accused of a crime you have no knowledge of can be intensely anxious especially when your family is implicated and you have nowhere else to turn to. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests. Call us today for a free no-obligation consultation, we’re available 24/7.  


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