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Our client, Mr. G was falsely accused of fraud by his ex-mother-in-law after she alleged that he defrauded her of £37,000. After a lengthy legal investigation and ruthless legal strategies, it was discovered that the complainant was suffering from dementia, and had memory troubles, and that his ex-wife had used the money. Thanks to our criminal defence solicitor’s determination to uncover the truth, our client was fully acquitted.

Mr. G, and his then wife, Mrs. S, ran their own IT consulting business and had opened their home to Ms. S, Mr. G’s mother-in-law. As she was getting older and was diagnosed with dementia, the couple decided for her to stay with them full-time, as her final home. Due to her illness, Mr. G and Mrs. S had control over her bank accounts and finances, and entered mutual agreements when money was required when business was low.  

After constant disagreements with his wife over her extravagant spending habits, Mr. G and Mrs. S got a divorce – and Mr. G left the house with nothing. Despite this, he was later accused of fraud when his ex-mother-in-law alleged that he withdrew £37,000 from her account into his business account.  

After contacting us, our fraud lawyers immediately sprang to action to uncover the truth. This included meticulously analysing any and all evidence gathered by the prosecution, conducting interviews and gathering witness statements, and working with financial experts and mobile phone experts to gather and analyse data. After a lengthy, thorough investigation into every avenue available, our fraud lawyers discovered that the fraud charges were patently false. His mother-in-law was suffering from dementia and had severe memory troubles, to the point where medical experts reported that she would not be fit to serve as a witness, even with an intermediary. This meant that his ex-wife now worked as the key complainant in the case.  

She alleged that she had no idea of business finances, and that all business-related expenses and transfers were done by our client. A close analysis of his mobile phone data shows this to be false – she was very aware of their debts, and agreed to transfer money out of her mother’s account to help pay off loans and bills. Financial reports also showed that our client made attempts to pay the loan back, transferring at least £10,000  back to his mother-in-law’s account.  

During the trial, our fraud lawyers submitted overwhelming evidence that proved our client’s innocence, and argued that his good character, willingness to pay the loan back, and multiple text messages proved that this was a consensual financial transaction, and that the charge of fraud was maliciously made. Faced with the facts, the jury realised his innocence and acquitted him, freeing him of all charges.  

Being falsely accused by a friend or family member can be devastating, and with money involved, this can only complicate a difficult situation. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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