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Stuart Miller Criminal Defence Solicitors’ Client was alleged to have been involved in a fraud scheme while working for Homes for Haringey.

Our innocent client was under investigation by Haringey Council after a complaint and false allegation were filed against her to the council by her employers.

Her employers and Haringey Council accused her of committing fraud, but Stuart Miller Solicitors helped her to have the allegations removed and no charges filed against her.

During the investigation, a total of four different contractors used by Homes for Haringey made numerous payments into another bank account.

Haringey Council alleged that our client overestimated the cost of the work completed to the tune of £80,000, resulting in Haringey Council turning a loss.

Moreover, they claimed that our client received money from another to agree to these overpriced contracts.

What We Did

Our Police Station Advisor advised our client to write a prepared statement to outline her unsubstantial position in the alleged scheme. Her prepared statement preserved her position of innocence and avoided any incrimination while ensuring that her account would be recorded.

A representative of the The Police Station Department at Stuart Miller Solicitors stated:

“It appeared on the face of it, the police had very little evidence against our client and I was not clear that the offence had been made out properly.”

Thanks to Stuart Miller Solicitors’ Police Station Representative Donna Minott demonstrating the police’s inability to substantiate their allegations, the police dropped the charges.

This ultimately resulted in the decision of No Further Action being taken against our client.


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