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Our client, Mr. R was a university student living at home. As his mother minded children, he was used to having other children in the house and often retreated to his room to study quietly. After false rape allegations from one of the children, our lawyers fought dearly for his innocence, and proved that the allegations were completely false. Thanks to their determination, our client’s name and reputation was secure.

Mr. R was diligently studying at home, and was with his 3 other siblings when the unimaginable happened to him – he found himself being arrested for false rape allegations. As his mother worked as a childminder at home, the four of them were used to having other children in the house. The complainant was one of the children that Mr. R’s mother would care for. Immediately after his arrest, Mr. R contacted us to clear his name and his family’s reputation.  

Immediately after contacting us, our rape lawyers launched a thorough legal investigation to uncover the truth of the matter. Mr. R was a young adult, and was attending university in the area. The family were religious, and our client would visit the mosque with his siblings multiple times a week. Our criminal defence solicitors gathered CCTV footage proving that our client visited the mosque on multiple occasions, gathered witness statements from his friends and family that proved his good nature and hardworking ethic, and collaborated with our client to firmly prove that the allegation never took place.  

Thanks to our defence lawyers’ determined efforts, they successfully proved that there was no way the offence could have taken place, as our client was on his computer at the time – which was proven by working with experts to analyse his computer, go through his browser history, and analyse the timestamps of the games he would play online. As everything was digitally recorded, this proved that our client was on his computer during the alleged offence. Furthermore, our client shares a room with his brother, which means that our client was never alone with the complainant. Finally, other children are not allowed into our client’s room, and other rooms were reserved for the children to play and interact in – as a young adult, our client never interacted with the other children that his mother worked with, and preferred to keep to himself or spend time with his friends.  

During the trial, our rape lawyers submitted voluminous evidence proving our client’s good nature, the fact that he doesn’t interact with the other children, and objective evidence that he was on his computer at the time of the alleged offence. Faced with the facts, the jury had to accept the truth – that our client was completely innocent. They immediately dropped all charges against him, and he was able to go home a free man.  

The false rape allegation delivered a serious blow to our client’s mental health, to his family’s reputation, and put his mother’s career at serious risk. Despite having the evidence to prove it, the seriousness of the rape allegation meant that our client had to face a trial. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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