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Our client, Mr. I was falsely accused of rape by a co-worker during a Christmas party, despite the act being consensual between the two. Thanks to a thorough legal investigation and a determined legal defence, the allegation was revealed to be false, and our client was fully acquitted of all charges.

Mr. I was at a Christmas party hosted by his workplace, and enjoying the company of his friends and co-workers, when a co-worker, Ms. A, began a conversation with him, and flirted with him by the bar. Surprised by her behaviour, he initially thought she was joking when she proposed to have sex, and was surprised when she meant the proposition. They each had a drink at the bar, and she willingly followed him to a dark room. After, he went to retrieve his phone from the bar to call them an Uber to go home. When he returned to the front, he found her in a room with friends who falsely accused him of rape, and was subsequently arrested by the police that night.  

After contacting us, our sexual assault lawyers immediately sprang to action. Not only did he meticulously analyse all evidence submitted by the police and prosecution, but he conducted his own thorough legal investigation to verify all the facts. This included working with CCTV experts to review footage from the party and from the street, speaking to the bar staff who witnessed our client and the complainant together, working with medical experts to assess any physical damage to the complainant, and gathering character statements from our client’s friends, family members, and church pastor to verify his character.  

After analysing all the evidence, our sexual assault lawyer discovered that the allegation was patently false. CCTV footage showed our client and the complainant having cheerful conversations together, and the two of them willingly going to a dark room by the bar. Bar staff agreed with this statement as well, providing further proof that the act was consensual. Finally, medical reports showed no physical damage. Furthermore, many of our client’s friends and family members, and his pastor, all agreed that our client was a good, decent man who is not capable of sexual assault and that he was falsely accused of rape. Before the trial even began, our client faced severe repercussions – including losing his job because of the false rape allegation, and struggled with unemployment during the pandemic.  

During the trial, our criminal defence solicitors were armed with an impeccable legal defence strategy, and with all the facts. Faced with the truth, the jury had no choice but to accept reality, and immediately acquit our client of all false charges, allowing him to rebuild his reputation.  

Being falsely accused of rape is a serious offence that can ruin your reputation and your life, before a trial can prove your innocence. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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