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An Innocent man accused of false rape accusations. Thanks to quick, timely defence and representations, all rape charges were dropped at the police station, removing the need for an unnecessary trial.

Mr S found himself at the police station facing an allegation of rape – an offence that carries the risk of multiple years in prison, a lifetime on the sex offender’s register, and a reputation in tatters. At the police station, he contacted us to represent him and clear the air.  

Upon contacting us, our police representative team immediately leapt into action, determined to clear the air as soon as possible. After carefully analysing the evidence used by the police to lay the charge, our sexual assault solicitors conversed with the police officer and were able to access our client’s phone. Following a lengthy conference with our client, our rape solicitors were able to access his phone messages, find the conversation between him and the complainant, and discover that the encounter was entirely consensual.  

During the police station interview, our sexual assault solicitors ensured that our client had all the information available to him, helped him through the interview, and liaised with the police officer to prove that the false accusations of sexual assault were entirely baseless. Faced with the text messages between our client and the complainant, the police realized that the allegation was without merit, and dropped all charges.

Thanks to the timely representation and our rape solicitor’s quick thinking, our client avoided false accusations of sexual assault and a lengthy trial that would have dragged his reputation through the mud, and cost him weeks of anxiety and uncertainty over the future. Despite being entirely innocent, our client risked a months-long trial where his integrity would be questioned, had it not been for timely, empathetic representations.

Despite having a consensual encounter, Mr. S still faced the terrifying situation of being accused of a heinous crime. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests. 

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