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Our client was accused of burgling a home, with his DNA found on a gold panel inside the house. Our defence lawyers conducted a thorough investigation and pointed out the flaws in the prosecution’s case. Faced with the facts, the prosecution was forced to drop the trial, effectively acquitting our client.

Mr. A was arrested for burglary and theft charges, with no violence, after his DNA samples were found in a home that was burgled a few months ago. Despite offering no evidence during his police interview, the charges were processed, and he was forced to go to trial.  

Upon contacting us, our defence lawyers jumped at the case, ready to uncover the truth of these burglary and theft charges. Our burglary solicitors chased the police and prosecution for any and all evidence used, and meticulously analysed the evidence for any further inconsistencies. Aware of the biases the prosecution might have, Stuart Miller’s burglary solicitors conducted their own investigation, and worked with a forensic expert to help analyse the DNA samples found in the home.

The reports showed that although Mr. A’s evidence was present on a gold panel found in the home, there is no record of how old the DNA is, or how it could have been found there – which meant that there’s no record to show that the DNA was found because our client was in the home. Furthermore, multiple DNA samples were found – as this was a home, so DNA from the homeowners and guests were intermingled, which further skewed the results.  

Before the trial, our defence lawyers submitted overwhelming evidence of the flawed DNA reports, and character statements, to the judge and the prosecution to prove our client’s innocence and good character. Faced with the facts, the prosecution was forced to drop the trial before it had even begun, and the judge immediately acquitted our client, clearing his name.  

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