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Our client, Mr. F was wrongfully accused of burglary after his car was found at the scene of the crime. Thanks to a diligent defence team, our lawyers successfully proved that our client was not present at the scene of the crime, and was in fact a victim – as the suspects had stolen his car to commit burglary.

Mr. F had spent years of his life working as a driver, and was spending time at home with his family and when the police came knocking, and arrested him on suspicion of committing burglary. The offence is serious, and carries a maximum of 14 years in prison. Shocked, Mr. F immediately contacted us to represent him, and to reveal the truth.  

Our criminal defence solicitors immediately sprang to action, determined to uncover the bigger picture. After meticulously analysing the evidence submitted by the prosecution, our defence lawyers conducted their own thorough legal investigation to get to the heart of the matter. After speaking to our client, his friends and family members, and to forensic experts, our defence lawyers were able to definitively prove that our client was wholly innocent. In fact, he was a victim – his car was stolen, and used to commit an offence.  


Before the trial even began, our criminal defence solicitors submitted evidence that our client was at home, with his sister, during the time of the offence. Furthermore, our client’s car is extremely old, and it is difficult to remove the key from the ignition – which meant that our client often left his keys in the ignition, and would leave the car unlocked. Believing that he lived in a safe neighbourhood, he saw no reason to take such precautions, and he trusted those he lived with. Unfortunately, his trust was taken advantage of, and his car was stolen. The added charge of driving with no insurance, too, was dropped – as our client had not driven the car the day the insurance policy expired.  

Faced with the facts, the prosecution had no choice but to accept that the arrest was wrongfully made, and that our client was wholly innocent. Furthermore, the prosecution had to accept that added charges of vehicle theft were to be added to the indictment sheet for the other defendants, as our client was not a member of the guilty party at all. Thanks to our team’s strong, water-tight defence, all burglary charges were dropped and our client was fully acquitted.  

A false accusation can be levied by anyone, including the police – even though you might be a victim of the same crime. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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