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In a case that seemed all too familiar in a world of flawed human memory and biased perceptions, one man's fate hung in the balance. Our client, Mr. B, faced false burglary charges based on an officer's word and what was thought to be damning CCTV footage. But with the help of expert legal defence and cutting-edge technology, justice prevailed, and our client was finally cleared of all accusations.

Mr. B was struggling with severe medical conditions, which greatly impacted his movement in and out of the house. He relied on his girlfriend to help with groceries and everyday errands, and was mostly bed-ridden due to his medical conditions and prior injuries.  

A police officer, undercover, arrived at his house and placed him under arrest for burglary – and the arrest was extremely strenuous for Mr. B. While he was in custody, he had to be taken to the hospital twice, due to complications around his condition and the stress of being moved from the house to the police station.  

Upon contacting us to represent him, our defence lawyers immediately sprang into action to verify the alleged offence of burglary. They began by taking witness statements, and his girlfriend verified that he was at home when the offence was committed. Furthermore, the offence took place months ago, and the CCTV footage was simply lying at the police station. An officer viewed the footage, thought he recognised our client as the offender, and arrested him at night, while undercover. The lack of procedure here was another glaring flaw in the officer’s arrest. Our defence lawyers worked closely with a facial recognition expert to survey the CCTV footage – the expert reported that our client was not the one who committed the burglary, and that the officer’s view was biased and wrong.  

Before the trial even began, our defence lawyers submitted the evidence gathered to the prosecution, pointing out the abuse of process, the police officer’s visible bias and prejudice against our client, and objective proof of our client’s innocence. Overwhelmed by the evidence submitted, the prosecution was forced to admit that the charges were wrong, and immediately withdrew from the case, effectively acquitting our client.  

Being wrongfully accused by a police officer can be incredibly stressful, especially because it feels like the case is being rigged against you from the very start. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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