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After a 3 day trial and a rejected bail application, our client was released after prosecution offered “No Further Evidence”.

Have you been falsely accused of burglary? Have you been falsely accused of theft? We can help you. With a team of expert criminal solicitors at Stuart Millers Solicitors, we have a proven track record of acquitting people that have been wrongly charged and convicted of theft, burglary, joint enterprise, and assault. A domestic burglary takes place in the UK every 106 seconds, making it one of the most recorded offences. This is one of our latest cases.

It was claimed that a group of young men were acting strangely near a local “crack house” in Canterbury. Several young men were allegedly seen trespassing a garden fence and assaulting a woman in the home, while our client maintained his innocence throughout.

Our client Mr D – a vulnerable underage man trying to build a better life for himself –  instructed Stuart Miller Criminal Defence Solicitor that he had no association with the alleged crimes committed but he was still charged with aggravated burglary, along with his 4 co-defendants.

Mr D stated that he was on a trip to Canterbury to visit friends, a place he had never been to before. Our client remained outside of the property at the time of the alleged incident of aggravated burglary. However, despite Mr D’s assertion and a lack of evidence to support the allegations, the accused were put on trial.

Stuart Miller Solicitors examined the events surrounding the incident to prove our client’s innocence.

Drugs, knives, and cash were found on scene but the origin of these items could not be confirmed by the police or CPS. During police interviews, our client maintained his innocence throughout, that he was not inside the property during the incident, involved in the assault or burglary. He chose not to comment on the events of the incident.

In the UK in 2021 there were a total of 258,594 burglary incidents/offences. This is down -21% since 2020. In this case, other than the victim’s statement there was no further evidence provided to support her allegations that she had been threatened and assaulted after the group trespassed into her property.

Prior to and during the trial, the alleged victim was unable to be contacted and did not attend the court proceedings, despite three warnings from police to participate. Multiple hearsay applications were made by the prosecution to present evidence in favour of their argument, but our team of expert lawyers successfully opposed them.

By day 3 of the trial, Stuart Miller Solicitors successfully closed the case with all charges against the defendant dropped when the prosecution failed to present any further evidence.

Stuart Miller Solicitors had a total of 4,678 Murder Cases & Sexual Offences & Fraud cases won and acquitted in 2021. Previously, a defendant allegedly linked to an armed moped gang who targeted phone shops in £1M phone raids, was acquitted by jurors on the grounds that he was “a lost fish needing to be found in the big bad ocean” in a compelling argument presented by Stuart Miller Solicitors.

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