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Our client, Mr Q was charged with assault by beating an escort two years after the alleged incident had occurred.

In 2020 our client and his brother met two escorts at a hotel.

One of the escorts that our client Mr Q had met on this occasion made an allegation against him. She alleged that after a dispute over the services she would provide, our client became angry and allegedly physically assaulted her by hitting her.

The police were called to the scene of the alleged incident and took witness statements from both escorts present that day.

Mr Q was arrested and detained at Wembley Police Station. He was interviewed where he gave a prepared statement that demonstrated his innocence and refuted the claims made against him.

Our client Mr Q was not charged with assault by beating until two years later, in 2022.

In his instructions to Stuart Miller Solicitors, Mr Q asserted he had not struck the claimant during the alleged incident following the dispute over the escort’s services.

In order to secure our client, the best possible outcome for his case, Stuart Miller Solicitors began to liaise with the Crown Prosecution Service.

A spokesperson for Mr Q’s case stated:

“The Crown in the case failed to send over disclosure and we made representations to the Court and the Crown to list the case for a non-disclosure hearing.

The Crown Prosecution Service disclosed at this point in the case, when Mr Q attended his hearing at Willesden Magistrates Court, that the claimant had left the UK and the witnesses could not be located.

Stuart Miller Solicitors chased the Crown Prosecution Service diligently for further disclosure of the evidence they held against our client Mr Q. Stuart Miller also implored the Crown Prosecution Service to locate the alleged victim in time for the impending trial.

The disclosure was sent a few days before the trial.

Upon further chasing and correspondence by Stuart Miller Solicitors with the Crown Prosecution Service, the Crown offered no evidence against Mr Q and the case was discontinued.

Our client did not receive a custodial sentence for this allegation and the charge against him was dropped.



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