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Our Criminal Lawyers have successfully defended those accused of Importing, Producing, Distributing, Supplying and Possessing all classes of Drugs for more than 30 years.

Either you are uncontrollably addicted to the use of Drugs, helpless due to the very real and painful physical effects of long term use; or you are engrossed in a vicious lifestyle cycle, entrapped by law enforcement or placed under Duress. Wherever you fit, our Criminal Lawyers will be able to assist you in the preparation of your case at every step of the way.

One stop shop

Stuart Miller Serious Solicitors are a one stop shop for Drugs Offences prosecutions. We work alongside some of the most talented Barristers and QC's in the UK. We have access to excellent Drug Valuation experts who can give a true indication of the street value, rather than the inflamed value the police will present. We will engage experts to check the purity of Drugs and ensure that allegations are not pushed against you on the basis of very low purity, to make the total, real quantity of drugs appear huge.

Whether you are prosecuted alone, with others or as part of a large Conspiracy to Supply Drugs, our Criminal Lawyers will ensure that the evidence in your case is methodically analysed, irrelevant and illegal evidence is challenged; forensic, mobile phone and cell site evidence is studied with a fine tooth-comb and appropriate experts are engaged to provide useful evidence to strengthen your defence. We will work with you to understand the entire circumstances and then apply legal knowledge, our expertise and skill to defend you in a pro-active manner.

Different Drugs on Blue Table

Understanding the tremendous resources invested in investigations by specialist Drugs squads and dedicated prosecutors is vital in mounting a powerful defence case. The Criminal Lawyers at this office are highly regarded all over the UK and have substantial knowledge and experience of dealing with foreign jurisdictions, managing huge volumes of evidence, challenging forensic issues, understanding and contesting cell site evidence; not to mention arguing against the legitimacy and admissibility of evidence obtained using covert surveillance under RIPA 2000 (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act).

Our expertise

We have represented individuals accused of Importing and Distributing hundreds of kilos of class A to class C drugs. We have successfully defended the associated Money Laundering allegations that are almost always attached to Drugs Prosecutions. Our Fraud Solicitors work alongside our Criminal Lawyers to ensure that in the event you are convicted or you decide to plead guilty, the chances of you having to pay back huge sums of money by way of prosecution costs or Confiscation Proceedings is minimised or completely negated.

A successful defence case is built from the very beginning. It is absolutely vital that you seek expert legal advice from the start of the case. The sooner we are involved, the better chances we will have to protect your immediate and long term interests.

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