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Our Criminal Solicitors have a creative approach to defending clients. We rightly deserve the reputation of ‘leaving no stone unturned’ in our quest to succeed. Importation of Steroids Allegations can be very complicated to defend and they require expert knowledge, skill and strategic ability. Our Criminal Lawyers are pioneers of factual and legal defence arguments and will you stand beside you throughout the case.

Whether the Importation of Steroids Allegations involve the receipt of Steroids ordered over the internet or a Conspiracy to Import Steroids on a mass scale; our Criminal Solicitors are knowledgeable enough to give you the best advice from the very outset of the case.

What we will do

We will study the classification of each type of steroid, amphetamine or other products such as Growth Hormones and Insulin. We will establish which product falls within the confines of the Misuse of Drugs Act and which other laws are being relied upon to prosecute. Ensuring the prosecution have proved, in law, that the products are unlawful for the purposes of importation and supply, we will instruct our own exert Drug Analysts to establish the authenticity of the product.

Sometimes for example with expensive products such as Growth Hormones, the actual product being supplied is neither genuine, nor consisting of the correct molecular structure to be classified as Growth Hormone. Similarly, we will ensure that the Steroids are tested and correctly prosecuted. Otherwise, we will move to dismiss the Charges.

Depending on the quantity of Steroids and other products and the number of people involved in the prosecution, we will devise the best defence strategy for you from the beginning and do our very best to protect your best interests and those of your family.

Impact on cash & assets

Importation of Steroids Allegations often lead to Cash Seizure, the seizure of personal assets, the imposition of Restraint Orders and substantial restrictions on your ability to sell cars, homes and move money around between businesses.

Multiple bottles of steroids

If you and your family members affected by such restrictions, our Criminal Solicitors will be able to give you the necessary advice to ensure your compliance of the Order and to establish grounds to recover your belongings.

We will work with you to understand your circumstances and go through the prosecution evidence in detail. We will identify weakness and technical flaws in the prosecution case, challenging illegal evidence and contesting the credibility of their evidence and their case along the way.

We will gather defence evidence to support your case and establish the extent to which Steroids were being used for personal use, were being used for Supply only to athletes and whether any steps were taken to protect general members of the public from getting their hands on the Steroids. Issues such as the authenticity and the credibility of the supplier (for example a pharmacy) may well assist the case if you decide to plead guilty and we are tasked to mitigate on your behalf.

Regardless of the nature and strength of the allegations, you can be sure you are dealing with Criminal Solicitors who understand the bodybuilding world, who understand the use and supply of Steroids and who will work tirelessly to defend you and achieve the best possible outcome.

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