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Importation of Controlled Drugs

The prohibition on the Importation of Drugs is governed by section 170 of the Customs and Excise Management Act 1970, and by section 3 of the Misuse of Drugs act 1971. The offence arises when you contravene the prohibition or restriction applicable to the Importation of Drugs.

Importation of drugs is an either way offence. In the Magistrates’ Court the maximum penalty is six months in prison. On a trial on indictment in the Crown Court, the maximum sentence for Importation of Class A Drugs is life imprisonment! 

Our Criminal Solicitors have defended those accused of Importation of Drugs Offences for decades. We have defended those duped by foreign third parties and manipulated to deliver a 'bag to a friend' which inevitably conceals Class A Drugs; and on the other end of the spectrum we have defended those organising and facilitating the importation of hundreds of kilos of Class A Drugs. Whether you are accused of being the mastermind, the distributor, the courier or the supplier of Imported Drugs, our Criminal Solicitors will do their absolute best to achieve your desired objectives in the case.

Given the seriousness of Importation of Drugs charges and the very lengthy sentences they attract, our Criminal Solicitors like to contest the allegations from the front foot. We will not sit around idly for the prosecution to build the case against you and re-act when they want. We are proud of being pro-active Criminal Solicitors always looking for that vital grain of evidence or legal anomaly to defeat the prosecution.

Defending importation of Drugs Allegations

The prosecution must prove that there was importation into the UK, that you evaded the prohibition or restriction on the Drugs that you were concerned with the importation. As to the mental element, the prosecution must also prove that you knew that the goods were prohibited or restricted. This duty on the prosecution is a strict one. You may be convicted of attempted importation if the facts justify it but it is the role of our Criminal Solicitors to stand by your side at every step of the case, to guide you and to challenge the prosecution.

Whilst you are deemed 'innocent until proven guilty, the best strategy is to adopt an aggressive stance and fight against all wrongful and inaccurate accusations at all time.

Drug Pills Scattered To Form a Silhouette of The Map of the World

Our Criminal Solicitors have over 30 years’ experience with defending Importation of Drugs Offences. Our experience means that we can advise on strategic matters from the outset. We have vast experience of representing clients when being interviewed by the police. If you own your home or have valuable assets, even before the charge, the prosecution may apply for a Restraint Order to freeze your assets. 

Our Fraud Solicitors routinely advise on and challenge Restraint Orders. We defend against Money Laundering allegations everyday and have helped countless clients protect their assets from Confiscation Proceedings.

Cases of this nature demand talented lawyering and expert third party assistance. We engage some of the best expert Criminal Barristers in the UK to assist our clients in persuading the jury in our favour. We resort to all kinds of forensic analysts when we are scrutinising mobile phone evidence, computer evidence, financial records and other evidence which requires an expert from a different profession.

Get advice early

It is vital that you engage specialist Criminal Solicitors from the very beginning of the case. We appreciate this is a difficult time for you and you may be worried. We will offer you a free consultation with us to seek preliminary advice and for you to get to know us and see what we are about. Please Contact Us and ask to speak to our Criminal Solicitors in person, online or by telephone. If you prefer, you can WhatsApp us from the link you will find at the bottom banner if you open this page on your mobile phone device.