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Our Fraud Solicitors are trained in an environment demanding a pro-active response to Fraud Allegations. We don't believe in being re-active and 'waiting to see' what unfolds in the case. We are believers in doing everything possible at the earliest stages of a case to try and stop the investigation, to defeat the prosecution or to win the case after trial.

We don't give false hope and fanciful advice to gain deluded confidence in a case. You may not welcome our 'worst-case scenario' attitude or our direct, plain and flavourless advice. But beyond all this seriousness, you will see that our Fraud Solicitors are very carefully risk analysing and preparing to protect you from all types of damage that can be caused by the allegations. Whether its the impact on your family due to seizure of assets, the impact on your business due to the freezing of bank accounts or even the impact on your mental health; you will find our Fraud Solicitors to be prepared, to be caring, to be understanding and ready to help. 

What can our Fraud Solicitors do for you?

More often than not, investigators will cross the boundaries of privacy and intrude in your life beyond a level you can accept. Investigators often feel mighty against individuals or company Directors who may not have sought legal advice and who are likely to be clueless as to what will happen next.

Our Fraud Solicitors are available 24/7. We will always do our best to stand beside you and make you feel like someone is dedicated to watching your back and ready to defend you. If you are facing Complex Fraud Allegations which can lead to many years' imprisonment, we will offer you a 24/7 WhatsApp link to your case Supervisor, Solicitor and Caseworker, so we can all work together and apply many minds to the issues in the case. We always recommend seeking advice at the very outset of a case. As soon as you suspect a potential investigation or you are alerted about a Fraud Investigation, you should seek specialist legal advice from an Expert Fraud Solicitor. We will offer you a free initial consultation over the telephone, in person or by video conferencing facilities. 

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What is the difference between a Fraud Solicitor & a Criminal Solicitor

Being an exclusive firm of Fraud Solicitors and Criminal Solicitors, we feel strongly about Solicitors only accepting cases which they are thoroughly competent to defend. There is an important distinction between a Criminal Solicitor and an expert Fraud Solicitor and in our view, only specialist Fraud Solicitors ought to defend complex Fraud Allegations. Whilst the list is not exhaustive, here are some of the reasons we hold these views:

  • Fraud Solicitors will not give you impulsive advice on either telling the police everything, or remaining entirely silent. They will think of the far reaching consequences of anything you say which may expose your family members or friends to prosecution, which may alert the police to breaches of any Orders imposed on you, which could uncover further criminal activity such as Tax Evasion and Company Law breaches for which the investigators may not have any evidence and most importantly, they will make an informed judgement on what others accused of the same allegation will say or do to affect your chances of success at trial.
  • Criminal Solicitors more than likely will not have the skill, knowledge or expertise to create such strategies or make such important decisions under the pressure of time at the police station. Time and time again the Fraud Solicitors at Stuart Miller Solicitors are invited to defend clients who wish to transfer from Criminal Solicitors or even other Fraud Solicitors lacking the all-round knowledge required to defend complex Fraud Prosecutions. In almost every such instruction, we find crucial deficiencies which have dire consequences. Some examples of such deficiencies and our actions in response are documented in our notable cases following breaches of a Restraint Order.
  • Fraud Solicitors will take strategic decisions to protect you from the implications of Confiscation Proceedings, from the very outset of the case. General Criminal Solicitors are likely only to focus on the impact of Adverse Inferences which may be drawn against you during the police station interviews;
  • Fraud Solicitors will give you accurate and up-to-date advice on Restraint Orders which are governed by quasi-civil rules. Criminal Solicitors are highly unlikely to have specialist expertise to advice on the implications of Restraint Orders; 
  • Fraud Solicitors will guide you on the police's powers of seizing, detaining and forfeiting cash or high value assets which may have been seized in the case; how to challenge the detention and how to recover the assets. Criminal Solicitors will not have the knowledge or the skill to competently advise on these subjects and will, more than likely, simply take instructions and advice from a Barrister, thereby acting only as an Agent, rather than a strategic and savvy Fraud Solicitor equipped to defend his client; 
  • Fraud Solicitors are trained and accustomed to handling and meticulously analysing large volumes of evidence, ensuring key facts and issues are documented and cross-referenced to yield vital evidence to support the defence. Criminal Solicitors who may be used to handling between 10 and 250 pages of evidence on a normal Criminal Case may find themselves in murky waters when the prosecution serve tens of thousands of pages of evidence consisting of bank records, company records, telephone records and so on; 
  • Fraud Solicitors must have a good understanding and knowledge of Company Law, Directors' Duties, Tax Laws, Money Laundering Regulations and many other areas which a Criminal Solicitor is not likely to ever encounter.

If you instruct a Fraud Solicitor from Stuart Miller Solicitors, you can rest assured you are instructing a specialist who defends Fraud Allegations on a daily basis. Not only that, but your case will be heard at the Crown Court and we will also be required to instruct a Barrister who will work alongside us. Another thing you can be sure of is that Barristers are selected for competence, skill, knowledge ability and dedication. Only if we have tested a Barrister in a previous Fraud case, do we accredit a Barrister as being a Fraud specialist and even then, we will only instruct a Barrister to defend you after you have had a conference with them and you confirm our suggestion is the correct one.

How can you meet with a Fraud Solicitor & discuss your case?

A Fraud Allegation will undoubtedly have disastrous consequences for you. Your business, your wife, your kids, your finances and your mental health will all be affected for the worse. Our Fraud Solicitors fully understand the implications and will do everything possible to chase the best possible solutions and best achievable results for you.

Please remember that early action in any case is pivotal to increasing the chances of success. In such complex and intimidating allegations, you will require skilful advice at every juncture. We will offer you a free consultation for you to discuss your case with our Fraud Solicitors and if the need arises, with an expert Fraud Barrister too. Please visit our Contact Us page and get in touch with us by email, by telephone, by social media or by WhatsApp.