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Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs

Our Criminal Law Solicitors are true specialists in defending those accused of Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs Charges; whether the drugs concerned are crack cocaine, heroine, cannabis or crystal meth.  

We have a proven track record in dismissing cases at earlier stages and have successfully defended Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs cases involving the use of trap houses set up outside of London and alleged to be controlled by London Gangs. 

Put simply, a Criminal Conspiracy is an ‘agreement’ between two or more people to commit a crime. The law does not define what an agreement is and therefore the risk of being caught and convicted under this far-reaching legislation is real, even for someone who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Prosecution take advantage of this fact and as a result we have represented individuals Wrongly Accused of being involved in a Criminal Conspiracy for their association with certain individuals and discussions they may have had over social media.

Conspirators can have different roles within the Conspiracy. In a Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs case, one or more conspirator may be the importer of the drugs, someone may be the distributor, another maybe the regional supplier and at the end of the alleged conspiracy will be someone who makes collections / deliveries or someone is just banks and withdraws money.

Alleged drug deals intercepted by the police are typically prosecuted as Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs. Contrary to common belief, the police do not have to find you in possession of any Drugs for you to be prosecuted for Conspiracy to Supply Controlled Class A Drugs. In many cases, the evidence the Prosecution put together to secure a conviction is circumstantial evidence.

Circumstantial evidence comes in many forms, such as your presence at crucial times, telephone calls and text messages sent or received by you at crucial times. The evidence will focus on your affiliation with co-conspirators, your finger prints, your number held on a trap or burner phone, your previous convictions for similar Drugs Offences and more recently covert listening devices maybe placed on vehicles and houses of members of the Conspiracy. A carefully crafted case put together by the police creates a powerful picture story that may convince a jury of your guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

Our Criminal Law Solicitors have defended complex Drugs Conspiracies and have the ability to challenge the prosecution case by careful analysis of how it is alleged that a Conspiracy existed. We do so by analysis of observation evidence, telephone evidence, banking records and anything else relevant to the Conspiracy. We have detailed knowledge of types of drugs under the 1971 Act and ensure the prosecution has properly detailed the Drugs alleged to be the subject matter of the Conspiracy.

Boy supplying girl with Class A drug

Our Criminal Law Solicitors are not shy of hard work and are always willing to go out of their way to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We do whatever needs to be done in defending your best interests. To this end, we have frequently undertaken foreign travel, where necessary, to collect evidence to proactively defend our clients. We have the strategic knowledge to advise the client appropriately throughout the proceedings. Where appropriate, we prepare mitigation for sentencing which often involves an expert analysis of the value of the drugs, which is usually exaggerated by the police.

In some Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs cases, the prosecution will seek to impose a Restraint Order on you and restrain your assets pending the conclusion of the criminal trial. Our Fraud Solicitors have vast experience of dealing with Restraint Orders and will guide your Criminal Law Solicitors on the best way to challenge or vary the Order. 

If there are Confiscation Proceedings contemplated, our Fraud Solicitors have vast experience of challenging the ‘benefits’ figure and have successfully challenged the assumptions applied in Confiscation Proceedings.

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