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Our Criminal Defence Solicitors have a specialist team of solicitors and caseworkers dedicated to representing those accused of Indecent Images Offences. Our Criminal Solicitors and caseworkers are trained to deal with individuals from all walks of life in a sensitive and discreet manner. We have represented individuals facing allegations spanning thousands of Indecent Images and have the experience and resources to explore all avenues of your defence.

Producing Indecent Images is the most serious of the Indecent Images Offences. More often than not the whole process can involve lengthy and complex police investigations and this can leave you feeling terrified and overwhelmed. Our trustworthy team understand the importance of tactful but tenacious representation and will guide you through the process, ensuring you have the knowledge and understanding you require.

The offence

The Protection of Children Act defines the production of an Indecent Image as “the taking or making of any image at source, for instance the original image”. It is a very serious offences for which custodial sentences are highly likely. Allegations of this nature will not only have a devastating impact on your reputation, but these may also affect your employment and financial circumstances. We expect you will be very stressed, constantly worried and feel anxious. We can understand your fear of the media and the implications of public knowledge. 

Our Criminal Defence Solicitors defend Sexual Offences on a daily basis. We will always do our absolute best, not just to defend the prosecution but also to advise you on the best way forward for your general well-being. Talking to a specialist will already lighten the load and pressure you will be feeling, but once the defence strategy is put together, certainty as to direction will definitely help you to manage.

At the outset of an investigation of this nature it is commonplace for the police to seize all of your electronic devices for analysis. We understand you will feel a sense of embarrassment with such levels of intrusion in to your privacy. Production at source can also mean witnesses may give statements to the police in support of the case against you. From device downloads to witness testimony, our Criminal Defence Solicitors will ensure every part of the evidence against you is scrutinised.

How we can help

We have access to the United Kingdom’s leading forensic experts. We can instruct these experts to re-analyse your devices which have been seized by the police. This meticulous analysis frequently uncovers inconsistencies in the digital evidence presented by the prosecution and ensures all avenues of your defence is explored.

Filming set in black and white

Our team truly work with the mind-set that you are innocent until proven guilty. We will listen to your instructions intently and advise you on the best course of action from the police station stage and throughout the Court process. Once instructed by you, we will put pressure on the investigators to ensure they fulfil their duties of investigating expeditiously. The earlier in the process we are instructed, the more effective our representation will be.

If you are accused of Producing Indecent Images and you seek a specialist Criminal Defence Solicitor who defends these cases daily, please Contact Us and ask to speak to our Indecent Images Solicitors. We can arrange a meeting with you in person, online or by telephone. If you prefer, you can WhatsApp us from the link you will find at the bottom banner if you open this page on your mobile phone device.