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If you are investigated or prosecuted for Possession of Indecent Images, it is essential that you are represented by our specialist team of Indecent Image Solicitors and Caseworkers. We boast an extensive understanding of the Criminal Justice Act and have a wealth of experience representing those who are accused of offences within the realm of this complex area of law.

Our Indecent Images Solicitors understand that being accused of an offence of this nature can be humiliating and expect you to have many questions that need our answers. Our team appreciates the need to be discreet and sensitive when providing advice. We are on hand to guide you through every step of what can be a lengthy and unpleasant process.

We believe the foundation of excellent representation is ensuring you understand the offence that you face and knowing what to expect throughout each step of your case.

Arrest & Interview

At the outset of an investigation of this nature, it is commonplace for the police to seize all of your electronic devices for analysis. We understand you will feel a sense of embarrassment with such levels of intrusion into your privacy. They may be seized for weeks, months and sometimes even longer.  In this day and age where people rely heavily upon technology we understand you may feel at a loss without them. It is essential you contact our team of Indecent Image Solicitors the moment you become aware an investigation is imminent or underway. Not only can our team prepare you for what can be a lengthy and gruelling process, once the investigation is underway we can put pressure on the police to conclude their investigation as quickly as possible. Our Indecent Image Solicitors provide representation throughout police interviews and at all stages of the Court process.

Categorising the images

Once Indecent Images are located on the electronic device, the police will categorise them as an A, B or C image – depending on the nature of the image or video. To prove the charge of Possession of Indecent Images, it is for the prosecution to prove that you knowingly had custody and control of the images stored on a device and you were able to retrieve the images from the device. It is essential you contact our team of experts as early as possible so we can engage the UK's leading experts to analyse the devices where the Indecent Images were found.

The experts we use are able to recategorise Indecent Images if we dispute the prosecution’s categorisation. They can explore numerous avenues that can prove essential to support your case. They are able to provide evidence on where the Indecent Images were found, when they were downloaded and how many times they have been viewed. They can often confirm whether they were found as part of a search or whether they came into existence on the device following a pop-up from a legitimate legal website.

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How we can help

If you believe someone else has used your device, they are able to check which websites were running simultaneously at the time of the download to see if the user can be identified. Our Indecent Images Solicitors will believe in your case and ensure all realms of possibility are explored when defending your case. We will never accept the prosecution's case at face value. We will seek out weaknesses in their case, we will challenge illegally obtained evidence and try to kick out inadmissible evidence. If any of the Charges cannot be proved by law, we will apply for those Charges to be Dismissed.

In the event that you accept the offence and are looking at the potential consequences or sentences imposed for Possession of Indecent Images cases, our Indecent Images Solicitors will create a defence strategy to do their best to achieve your objectives. We will do everything possible to present your case and personal circumstances in the best light, so the Judge feels legally incapable of imposing unduly harsh sentences and where possible, we will always fight tooth and nail to avoid jail terms. An example of such a strategy being implemented was in the case linked here.

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