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Our clients, Mrs. G and Mr. G were falsely prosecuted for possession with intent to supply cannabis and cocaine. Unbeknownst to the prosecution, Mr. G was under severe pressure to hold drugs from a local gang, and feared for his life and safety. Thanks to an empathetic, determined, eagle-eyed defence team, our lawyers gathered evidence that proved that he was a victim of exploitation, and was afraid for his and his mother’s safety. Thanks to their efforts, our clients were fully acquitted, and their innocence restored.

Mr. G was solely responsible for his mother’s care, and gave up the potential for a career to care for his mother. A raid conducted by the police resulted in Mr. G and his mother arrested for possession with intent to supply cocaine and cannabis, and with possessing criminal property. Mr. G was taken to the police station, while Mrs. G was given a later interview date, due to her health conditions.  

Fearful for his and his mothers’ futures, Mr. G contacted us to represent them. Our drugs lawyers immediately sprang to action, determined to provide justice to our client and his ailing mother. After meticulously analysing all evidence submitted by the police and the prosecution, our criminal defence solicitors turned to their own investigation to reach the truth of the matter. By consulting with forensic experts, psychologists, and medical professionals, our drugs lawyers determined the truth – that our client was forced to hide drugs by local gang members. His earlier medical records show that he was hospitalised for broken bones and other severe injuries, because of routine beatings that he endured by local gang members. Earlier police reports did not provide any respite, and he could not afford to move away and take his mother with him. Local services did not provide any help, and he was forced to continue hiding drugs, for fear of his life and his safety.  

After sharing his harrowing story with our criminal defence solicitors, they gathered further evidence to back his claim against the possession with intent to supply charges – including older police reports, medical records, and requests made to local authorities. Despite begging for help, our client was left in a terrible situation, and was forced to work for them to survive. Left with no choice, our client had to hide drugs to keep him and his mother safe.  

Before the trial even began, our drugs lawyers submitted overwhelming evidence that proved that our clients were not criminals, but victims under the Modern Day Slavery Act. Our client was forced into this position by fear of death, and repeated threats of violence. Faced with no other options, our client had no intention of committing the possession with intent to supply charges but was merely doing what he could to survive.  

Faced with the facts, the prosecution realised the truth, and immediately dropped all possession with intent to supply and possession of criminal property charges. Thus, our client was able to avoid the stress of a criminal trial. Thanks to our criminal defence solicitors’ efforts, our client’s innocence and freedom were restored, and he was able to go home to help his disabled mother.  

Being forced to commit illegal acts is not a crime; being forced to do anything against your will by fear of death or personal injury makes you a victim, not a criminal. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  


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